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How to Speed Up your Mac Devices

How to boost mac

If you are using a Mac computer after using other devices on the market then you would know how great of a difference there is in performance, speed, security, reliability, etc. And not only Mac, almost all the devices produced by Apple are of top quality. Many businesses, organizations and even professionals prefer Mac for their day to day usage. The company is known for being a trendsetter in the field of technology and is even respected by its competitors. So does that mean that their devices are issue free? No, certainly not. They are machines and that’s what makes them in need of maintenance. The quality of them are certainly above the rest and hence the professionals who are serious about their work, prefer them. But as I mentioned, without proper maintenance, you can’t expect it to run perfectly. If you have had the machine for years now then you would have probably noticed that your computer is working slower than it did before. Now this issue may be occurring due to many reasons but what is it that you can do to handle it? No one would want to lose on their important work or fall behind on the deadlines. Don’t worry, in this article I am going to discuss with you, some top tips on how you can speed up your Mac devices. Have a look:

Speed up your Mac

Get rid of unwanted programs

If you launch the Activity Monitor and look in it then you will find that a lot of programs and processes are running in the background which you didn’t approve of. Now a lot of processes are system based and you should not close them. But there are some, which are taking up space in your device’s memory, eating up resources and engaging processors unnecessarily. These programs may or may not be malware but they are certainly operating without user’s knowledge. So whenever you feel that your computer is working slower than normal, open the Activity Monitor and close all the unwanted programs, processes and apps that you see there. It may be possible that some other user, like your colleague, friend or a family member was working on the computer before you and they launched the program. So in such a scenario, talk to them, save their work and then proceed to close or shut down the app.

Reboot your system

Do you have an old device? If yes then it may be possible that the RAM on it is small and gets filled easily even by a few programs. Restarting the device will help clear out all the data in it and you will have a free RAM again to work. This will speed up the computer’s performance as it was before. Do remember that this will only work if you or someone else have been working on the computer for hours and it has slowed down due to it. If the rebooting of the system doesn’t work then you may need to increase the total RAM size installed in your system. There are some free slots available in almost all the MACs that can be used to install extra RAM for enhancing performance.

Check for system updates

It may be possible that your device is running on the old version of the operating system. When was the last time you checked for the updates? Too long? If the automatic update feature is not enabled in your device then your device may have outdated for sometime now. Go to settings and check for updates, you may be surprised to see too many. Turn on the auto update if it is somehow turned off for hassle-free maintenance. These updates are really necessary for smooth functioning of the system. They not only bring in the new features but also the crucial bug fixes, security patches, etc.

Clear up the storage

Check the storage unit. Is it too crowded for new programs or new data? If yes, then you will need to clear some of the data out. Tightly packed drive can also be the reason for a slow computer. So get rid of all the junk files and useless data that is stored. Now the problem with clearing junk data is finding and sorting them. There are hundreds of small files that are cramping up the space. They can be duplicates, log files, cache, cookies, incomplete files like downloads, corrupt files, etc. I would suggest you to get a third party utility app that can clear out junk files easily and in a few simple clicks.

Now you won’t have to surf the giant world of the web to look for a perfect solution for your problem. Life is too short for that. We have sorted out the best ones for you. Check these out.

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