How to Set Your Business Up for Success This Holiday Season

Business owners often think it is impossible to fail during the busiest shopping season of the year, but success doesn’t happen by accident. Though the holiday months lead to increased purchasing and consumer traffic, the business that isn’t prepared to handle the additional demand may find themselves having a chaotic and dismally disappointing few weeks to navigate. With the right planning, some inspiring business Christmas cards, and a forward-thinking strategy, you can create an outstanding holiday season complete with skyrocketing revenues and happy customers.

Set Your Goals

Don’t just expect an increase in sales. Set a target and devise a strategy to reach it. You don’t always have to focus on the financials, either. Set a goal of attracting 200 new customers to your store or reducing customer complaints by 10%. Whatever you decide to focus your efforts on, share these goals with the rest of the team and brainstorm on how to achieve them. You may already have a strong fourth quarter because of increased sales, but this isn’t the time to coast on your success. Up the ante and set new expectations for success.

Craft Holiday-Themed Marketing Campaigns

Sending out personalized business Christmas cards is just the tip of the iceberg when capitalizing on the joys and traditions of the holiday season. Change your logo or digital images to incorporate seasonal themes or flairs, from your social media presence to your email campaigns. People love Christmas and New Year’s and showing that you share in their love and have the items they need to enjoy their season makes you more endearing and valuable.

Prepare for Purchasing Trends

You can’t meet your customer’s need if you run out of what they want or don’t carry it at all. While there are some holiday items that you may not be able to carry because of your niche or industry, you should still consider addressing common holiday interests or desires. For example, you may not be able to carry toys or electronics for all the family members, but a small stocking stuffer display still adds holiday value to a customer coming in for a regular item. Be prepared with extra inventory on hand and anticipate the crowds with enough staff.

Entice Shoppers With Gifts

Christmastime is the season of giving, and you can extend the gesture to your loyal customers and those who are considering your company. You don’t have to offer something elaborate, but consider enticing purchases with a small token of appreciation. When you mail out your business Christmas cards, you could include a coupon on a particular item or a discount on a dollar amount purchased. For those in e-commerce, offer free shipping or a buy-one-get-one promotion. Gifts show thought, and in a season where everyone is rushing around thinking about everyone else, it goes a long way in showing that you are thinking of your consumers.

Reduce Unnecessary Losses

Though there is a potential for sales increases, there is a similar potential for unhappy customers who want a refund or to make a return. The expense of trying to save a customer could sabotage the revenue you are bringing in. Prepare for this dynamic in advance. Have a streamlined return or refund process, with dedicated staff with exceptional customer service skills handling complaints. Use social media and other communication channels to instantly address complaints as they arise, and rethink your strategy for processing returns in order to make it a smooth, efficient process.

An outstanding holiday season means more than just making money. It means winning and keeping happy, loyal customers. To let your consumers know they are appreciated, consider ordering a set of thank you or holiday cards from the extensive collection at Cards for Causes.

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