How to score more with the best test series for CA Final?

What is meant by the CA exam?

The CA exam is also known as the ICAI exam. This exam is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for the applicant of the chartered accountancy profession in India. The exam of this course is conducted in different types of levels.

What are the important points of the best test series for the CA final exam?

The important points to be considered before opting for the Best test series for CA Final are given by,

  • Past performance – You must get the advice from the seniors, visit the official website, and ask in the WhatsApp group or other social media. 
  • Numbers of test papers – Nowadays the test series offers a different variety of plans which is regarding to the number of test papers. 
  • Question paper pattern – This has the many ways like asking to the friends, seniors, and social media. You can get past exam question paper which helps you to know the question pattern.
  • Copy checking – You must going through the websites it will give plenty of ideas about the test series for the CA final exam.
  • Add ons with the test series – The different add ons like doubt solving sessions, practice notes, study planners, and free monitoring. 
  • Cost – Today, the market is not homogenous. You should compare the different test series with different prices and you can choose which test series is economical.

What are the ways to score more with the best test series for CA finals?

The tips for the Best test series for CA Final are given by,

  • Read the questions and cases carefully which are based on your skills. Still, there is confusion on the question you can read twice before answering the questions. You must remember to waste much time on understanding the questions for time-consuming during the examination.
  • You will get the question paper as soon and utilize the time for reading the question paper given by the ICAI. Select the questions first that you are having more confident answers and attempt the answers. You must attend to the questions with a set of times.
  • One of the best ways to save the time on the exam you cannot stay on the one problem and calculations. If you are not unable to solve the problems then move to the next question without wasting the time.
  • For the case studies, you must make a plan of what the models and concepts are utilized in the exam pattern. You must use what, why, and how while ending your answers which are prepared from the ICAI test series.
  • You must make sure that the numbered your answers correctly according to the serial number in the question paper. The most important thing does not to make mistakes on the numbering because it will cause the loss of your score.
  • The most important thing you must avoid the scribbling and rewrite on the initial page of the answer sheet during the exam.

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