Replies on Twitter: Why Are Twitter Users Not Really Happy?

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Twitter is yet changing its algorithm again, and users are not happy. Twitter recently posted a tweet telling its users they are changing how people will view replies on Twitter.

Your conversations are  💙 of twitter, so we are testing ways to make them easier to read and follow. Some of you on iOS and web will see a new layout for replies with lines and indentations that make it clearer who is talking to whom and fitting more of the convo in one view”. -Twitter

Twitter is one of the most consumed social media networks that have been in demand for the past few years. You can connect and interact with anyone without being friends with that person. If you are new to Twitter and have little experience with the social networking platform, there are chances you might wonder how to reply to a tweet with the original tweet.

Twitter said that it is also testing how they will display their icons to see how it will affect engaging in a conversation. However, the response to these announcements depicts that these changes might not be so popular among the users.

The responses from the Twitter users included comments like “It’s absolutely horrendous,” It has become 1000 times harder to follow and read”. While scrolling down the replies, None of them intended towards a positive reaction. Looks like Twitter needs to reconsider!

If you are a regular Twitter user and you see a tweet that you wish to respond to, Here’s a guide on how to reply to a tweet with the original tweet.

Beginners might face some difficulty regarding the functionality of Twitter. Many users get confused when they want to reply to or retweet a tweet. You need to know that replying to someone’s tweet differs from retweeting it.

How To Reply To a Tweet?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reply to a tweet with the original tweet.

  1. First, Log in to your Twitter account on your PC or smartphone. You need to be logged in first in order to use the replying feature.
  2. After you’re done logging in, you will see all the tweets you have recently received on your news feed. Scroll through your news feed and find the tweet that you want to reply to.
  3. Did you find the tweet? If yes, there is a “Reply” option on the bottom left of the tweet with an arrow icon. Tap that icon, and a box will appear where you can type your reply. The tweet will initially be addressed to the user you are replying to by default specified by an @. You can add other recipients for the tweet as well.
  4. While typing your tweet, you need to know that the word limit for Twitter users is 280 words or lesser. You can see the word count at the bottom left corner of your text box. Not only this, you can even add an image or a video by clicking on the add photo/video option. If your reply exceeds the 280-word limit, you can record a voice tweet, but unfortunately, this is only available for iPhone users.
  5. After you are done typing in your reply, click on the “tweet” icon, and you are done!

How To Quickly Quote a Tweet?

Quoting a tweet is when you retweet a post and then add a comment to it. Before that, you must wonder how do I retweet something on Twitter?

  1. Open Twitter on your smartphone or your PC.
  2. You can retweet from your mentions, your news feed, and also from your own profile. Find the tweet you want to retweet.
  3. Do you see the two arrows arranged in a square shape underneath a tweet? Tap that icon to retweet, and a few different options will appear. Keep in mind if the retweet option does not click; this means that the tweet is from a private account.
  4. Do you see two options? One option says “Retweet,” and the next days? Retweet with a comment”. Click on the retweet option.
  5. Once you retweet, the retweet will not only appear in your feed but also in your follower’s feeds.

If you want to add a comment while retweeting, simply click the “Retweet with comment” option in the 4th step and type in a comment before retweeting.

How To See Replies On Twitter?

The biggest mistake that people make is to tap on the comment icon on the bottom left of a tweet to view the replies. This leads them to a text box. You need to know that this is not where you can find the replies on a tweet. Are you wondering how to see replies on Twitter? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how you can easily view replies on a tweet.

  1. Open your Twitter application or on your PC
  2. Find the tweet where you want to see the replies and click on the time icon right next to the username. This would show when the tweet was published.
  3. Scroll down to the extreme bottom to see the replies to that tweet. You can also click on the tweet itself, and it will show you an overlay but make sure not to click on any hashtags or mentioned links, or it will direct you to that page.

You can view the replies and comments on the tweet but do not confuse this with a direct message. Direct messages on Twitter are where people send you messages separately.

If you are clear on how to reply to a tweet from an original tweet and how to see replies on Twitter, you might be wondering who those people who usually look for replies and comments on tweets are? Looking through comments and replies is useful to many people in many cases. For example,

  • Bloggers, Journalists, and writers. People looking for extensive research like qualitative data need to find more people in order to quote in their articles and reports. They need different opinions from people with different demographics. It gives different angles to their write-ups.
  • GIFS. People can find different animated GIFs that they wish to download on Twitter.
  • Stalkers. Who love stalking and going through comments on tweets may also find it useful to go through them.
  • People are looking for discussions. People who enjoy getting into group discussions and putting forward their opinions are also likely to go through replies to tweets.
  • Marketers. Individuals and companies that use Twitter for marketing look through comments to find potential clients. If you are a business looking for potential marketing, Read the Twitter marketing guide.
  • People looking for specific hashtags and mentions related to the tweet also look through replies and comments from the public.

If you do not have a Twitter account, don’t worry. You can also view comments and replies without having a Twitter account.

How To See Replies On Twitter Without An Account?

When you open a Twitter webpage on your desktop or on your smartphone, all you see are invitations to log in or sign up for an account. People think if they do not have a Twitter account, they cannot access the features. 

Well, this is partially incorrect. Although you will not be able to post tweets or videos, or images, you can easily view the tweets on public profiles and the replies on them. And you do not need an account to access them.

 Here’s how to use Twitter without an account

  • To get access without an account, go to twitter’s search option and type in whatever you are looking for.
  • If you already know someone’s username and want to view their profile, just simply type in in the search bar, and this will directly lead you to the user’s profile without logging in.\

You can also type in hashtags and specific words in the Twitter search bar that will lead you to tweets related to those words.

Twitter also has the most trending topics right at the bottom of the webpage. You can click on them to browse through the topics that are being discussed on Twitter the most.

.Twitter also has a feature where you can subscribe to the most popular accounts through text messaging, even without having to log in. It requires all that is a code for the country and the user’s username that you want to subscribe to. For example,

  • If the code for the USA is xxxxx, you type “Follow username XXXX” and send this text. You will now automatically start getting tweets from that user.
  • If you only want to receive the latest tweet. Type “Get username XXXX” and send the text message.
  • If you wish to stop receiving tweets, simply type “Stop” and send the text message. You will not receive any tweets from that person anymore.


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