How to Pick the Best Driver Shafts for You

If you came to this article looking for a magic fix to find the best driver shafts for you, we have good news and bad news. We’ll offer the bad news first: there is no magic way to discover this. The good news is that there is a way, however, and we’re going to tell you about it.

The simple truth is that there is no single brand or manufacturer that makes the “best driver shafts.” There are relative levels of quality, but even an excellent shaft that is not well suited to your abilities will not enable you to perform. For example, and without getting lost in the details, some players are going to be better fitted to a steel shaft, whereas others will be better fitted to a graphite shaft.

The reason for this is that, among other factors, a player’s swing speed will affect how far he can hit the ball, and at the same time affecting golf ball flight. Steel shafts can be manufactured to much higher degrees of stiffness than graphite shafts, and therefore a steel shaft might suit a player with a higher swing speed much better.

On the other hand, a graphite shaft can be made much lighter than steel, and also more flexible. Therefore, there are some lighter shafts made in graphite that are better designed for players with slower swing speed.

There are other important considerations in addition to shaft flex. Some of these include kick point or flex point, which indicates the section of the shaft at which it seems to flex. Then there is torque rating, which indicates how much the shaft will rotate around a center point; graphite shafts, again, can offer a much higher torque rating than steel shafts.

On top of these, there are factors like shaft length, which is another huge consideration that will greatly impact the abilities of the average golfer. Metrics like measurements can be taken, but determining your strengths and pairing them with the shafts on the market will require you to practice.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best shafts available, here’s how you find them. The first thing you should do is work with a professional for a club fitting session. If you can take the time to visit a team like the one at Dallas Golf Company at their location in Dallas, Texas, you can get the professional’s input on your swing and what works for you. They will also take your measurements so you know with certainty what length you need in golf shafts.

At the same time, they will consult with you and observe your swing in order to make recommendations, for example letting you know if you need a stiffer shaft or a shaft with some less of a stiff flex. Even if you can’t make the trip to their actual retail location, if you know your measurements and a little about their preferences, you can use their Online Shaft Fitting Tool in order to make recommendations that you can use to hone your skill.

Once you have taken the inputs of the professionals into consideration, you can then go about shopping for the actual shaft and subsequently, the golf club head as well. Dallas Golf Company can set you up on that front as well, as they have one of the widest collections of excellent golf shafts on the market today. In their online collection, you can find both steel and graphite shafts from noteworthy makers such as True Temper, Aldila, Fujikura, Graphite Design, and many more. Check out their online collection, and if you think you could benefit from a visit, reach out to their team at 800-955-9550.

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