How to Pay Off Debt During the Pandemic

Although the freedom that comes with being debt-free is fulfilling, these times have forced more and more people into debt. From personal loans, car loans, student loans, to even the smallest debts, it is always a good idea to stay debt-free, or at least have a decent repayment plan to pay off your debt. 

Below are several ways to help you focus on how to pay off debt, depending on your type of debt. 

Contact Creditors

You can decide to consult creditors to see how to delay some payments or ways to pay off debt.

A provision was made by the CARES act which allows borrowers with mortgages backed by the government to be allowed about 12 months delay in payment.

There has been an increase in delay for payment of mortgage to about 1270% just between March 2 and March 16. And just between the weeks between the 16th of March and 30th March, it grew by 1,896%, based on a report obtained from the Mortgage Bankers Association.  

There are other ways to postpone debt payments. Apple Card Users are able to skip payments in the month of April like provided in March. This could be done when you sign up for the card’s customer assistance program.

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You will also benefit more by communicating with a friend at the bank. They may provide you with important information on the best way to pay off debt.

Consider Credit Counseling

Another way to pay off debt is to consult a reputable credit counselor who is willing and ready to help you design a plan to pay off debt. They may help reduce your rates if you’re looking for the help on how to pay off credit debt.

According to Lawrence Sprung, a certified financial planner, and the president of New York-based Mitlin Financial, consulting a planner and counselor is a good way especially for those adding to their already existing debt. 

Sprung went on to say that those incurring new debt due to the coronavirus pandemic will be able to handle their own debt by themselves. 

Ensure that the Credit Counselor is already endorsed and accredited by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Also, avoid debt settlement companies who advise that you can stop paying your bills for months and then use it later on as leverage. 

According to Rossman, he said that the late payments will reduce your credit score and may not work at the end.

Balance Transfers

Industry Analyst, Ted Rossman who works with, advises that during this period individuals can and should transfer their debt from cards with high interest rates to a card with 0% interest for a particular time. 

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This period, things may be quite different. And according to Rossman, lenders have brought up stringent standards and terms as regards credit cards and this is seen as an unsecured debt. 

Most times, individuals do not even care to make payments for them. Rossman also disclosed that in order to get a good balance transfer card then interested individuals will need to have a credit score of more than 700 and must have a steady income.

Look at Debt Relief Programs

This coronavirus pandemic has left a lot of Americans with the issue of unemployment and reduced income. The Federal government brought out certain programs to help its citizens in this period. They rolled out the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Acts, which encourage lenders to provide mortgage relief, Personal loans to help homeowners pay off their debts. 

Aid is being provided by individual lenders either and also by the state government or individual lenders to help serve as mortgage relief.

The kind of assistance you will get is highly dependent on the type of mortgage you have. So below are some of the aid programs that can help homeowners pay off debt.

  • The Government-sponsored Enterprises or GSEs, the Fannie, and Freddie Mac deal gives conventional loans.
  • The Federal Housing Administration also provides FHA Loans.
  • Loans are guaranteed by the Veterans Affairs VA.
  • USDA loans are also being provided by the Department of Agriculture.
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