How to Optimize Your Startup App to Get one Million Downloads?

Launching your startup mobile application is no less than a dream. But getting it developed from a renowned and experienced mobile app development services provider is not sufficient to make it a chartbuster on the Google PlayStore or the App Store. So, what should be done to scale a startup app to reach the desired userbase or number of downloads in six months or a year? Here, in this post, we have mentioned a three-step approach by implementing which your app can become successful:

Choose organic ways

Once you develop and launch your mobile app, the next step is to make it popular among your targeted audience. To be honest, making your startup app outdo its competitor and appear on the top is not a child’s play. Therefore, it is good to choose organic ways to optimize your app and help it acquire the top position in the search results.

Wondering how to do the same?

Well, start by creatively displaying your app screenshots, descriptions, and icons. These are the prime things that a user comes across and judges your app on the basis of. Promoting your app without optimizing these things would make all your efforts go in vain.

Now, optimizing your logo, app description, or the screenshots doesn’t only include their appearance, but, it also comprises paying attention towards using the right keywords, call-to-action lines, attractive punchlines, and text callouts. This is one of the brilliant ways to grab the attention of your targeted users as well as Google’s or Apple’s Review Team.

Creative and unique descriptions and logos have a higher chance of getting a hit on the “Install” button, then the one with lackluster creatives. Moreover, choosing the right keyword and putting it at the right place in the descriptions also help the app to automatically hold the top positions in the search results. To promote your app organically, take the help of guest posts, reach out to the social influencers, or target long-tail keywords.

Redesign your marketing ad copy

It is undeniable that paid advertising has the potential to make your app popular in no time. But, then it requires a great amount of funds to be invested. But, if there are no money-woes, then you can achieve your goals without any hassle. If you want to choose this way, then it is advised to design your marketing ad copy in a way that reflects what a visitor is searching for and also offers a great deal.

Redesigning your ad copy is crucial because you are not the only one in this race; in other words, you have to outdo your competitors who are choosing the same way to promote their app. Also, keep monitoring the performance of your app to know whether the channel you are promoting your ad on giving it the desired exposure or not.

If you don’t get what you are expecting, then switch to some other platform (Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn). The ad copy you create or redesign should be compelling enough to grab the attention of new users while retaining the existing ones.

Influencer marketing can do wonders

If you follow the two aforementioned approaches and do everything right, then half of the battle is won. Not only for the startups, influencer marketing is used as a promotional tool by many big brands too. For instance- a popular clothing line, Lord and Taylor, asked fifty Instagram influencers to wear a particular outfit on a specific day. The result was that the outfit got sold out in the next week.

You can also implement the same strategy in the case of mobile applications. To do this, connect to popular influencers (through social media, emails, or any other way) and ask them to promote your app. They might charge a bit or do it for free. This way, you can reach millions of userbase or get the desired number of downloads.

Bottom Line

If you want your startup app to have a humongous userbase or a tremendous number of downloads, then follow the organic promotional techniques, design your ad copy carefully, or take the help of influencer marketing. These three approaches have been chosen by many small and big giants to reach desired customers and make their app popular and successful. On the other hand, if you are at the first step, i.e., want to develop a startup app, then connect to a reliable and professional custom mobile app development company or hire dedicated mobile app developers.

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