How to optimize your contact page for better conversions?

Providing your future buyers with simple and varied ways to contact you is the most obvious way to improve your conversion rate.

So how do you improve your contact page?

Your contact page might not be the most exciting page to work on, but optimizing it can offer some rewards that are worth it. There are many reasons people visit a website’s contact pages, including getting in touch with the site owners.

Increasing the conversion rate of your contact page can also dramatically increase sales or build powerful relationships with your users. In this article, we cover 11 tips to improve the conversion rate of your contact page.

1. Increase confidence with photos of your business

In many cases, people may just want to verify that you are a real business and that they can contact you if they need anything. In these cases, a Photo of a local or team member can help reassure the user that you are a legitimate and trustworthy business.

2. Reassure Internet users with an introductory text

When you arrive on a blank page with just a contact form, you can instantly destabilize the Internet user by his doubts.

Am I in the right place?

How long will it take them to respond?

Should I try to call them?

Will they answer my question?

You can avoid these questions and write a simple message that lets people know why they might contact you, what the average response time is, and how you are handling their message.

3. Reduce the number of fields in your form

According to some studies, the optimal number of fields is between 5 and 10, but the more observant will notice that they also base themselves on the number of fields most commonly used. There is a clear pattern that the fewer fields you have, the higher the likelihood of a form converting, so if you don’t need 5, then don’t use as many.

The key to remember here is that you should use as few fields as possible without sacrificing your business goals. If you need to take addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, take them, but don’t be too greedy! Digital Marketing Services.

4. Fill in your postal address

When visiting a contact page, users can also search for an address if you have a physical location or a phone number so that they can speak to someone at your company. Even if a certain decides not to use this information, it can increase the confidence level just by its appearance, because it shows that your business is not just hiding behind a website.

You can also improve the SEO value of your contact page by including Schema markup manually or through a plugin. local SEO for your business to appear in the local searches. A bonus adding an HTML element to your phone number is the click to call feature on many mobile devices.

5. Add interesting and compelling content

Useful content, engaging, and compelling may also exist on your contact page.

For example, let’s say you’re an antique dealer trying to get people to come to your place.

Where can they park?

Is parking free?

Is there something they should know when they visit you?

These could all be relevant suggestions, and your visitors will appreciate your attention.

And if you’re a B2B service company like us, you can reassure them by answering these questions:

6. Use Google map

Google makes it easy to add maps to your contact page. These maps will also help you with local SEO, especially with any location-sensitive queries including Google Maps. Make sure the maps are easy to read and make sure they display correctly on mobile devices.

A map isn’t a necessary part of every contact page, but hey, it reassures and gives your visitor an idea of ​​where you are. If your company has several addresses, it provides a good overview of your (global) reach and will let the visitor know if there is a location nearby. Find a very good article for generating dynamic maps with Google Maps API

7. Edit your meta-titles and meta-descriptions

What does the URL of your contact page look like? What about page titles and tags?

In most cases, these fields are not optimized for SEO. Add keywords to your title while ensuring that the title is convincing for a better click-through rate. Try to reach the maximum number of characters available, for example, 160 characters for a meta description and 60 characters for the title.

8. Add your customer reviews

92% of B2B buyers are more likely to buy after reading a trusted review. If you have excellent customer reviews to share (and I hope you do) use this powerful tool to persuade visitors to take the next step and contact your business.

Putting reviews on the contact page and throughout your site will reassure others that your business is the one they want to work with.

9. Create FAQs for frequently asked questions

Often, people come to a contact page looking for more than just contact information. They want answers. Save time by answering questions that come up time and time again by having a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on your website. Depending on the number of questions, you may have these FAQs on a separate page.

Your FAQs are a way to answer a customer’s questions, but you probably have plenty of more in-depth answers to offer.

A person may want to spend more time finding out what you can do for them before they make contact. Using CTA (Call to Action), you can direct them to a choice resource set, which also helps you qualify them as a lead.

It might seem like a weird idea to kick people away from the contact page, but don’t worry, if it’s meant to be, they’ll come back.

10. A form adapted for mobile

With the increasing adoption of mobile web, it’s more important than ever that your site loads quickly and is fully accessible mobile-friendly. Form items like dropdowns can often be a nightmare to fill out on a mobile, especially when you scroll through countless countries to reach one at the bottom of the list.

Try to use open and simple form fields that validate instead of complicating the input method and, if possible, apply the correct HTML markup so that smartphones can present a keyboard optimized for the task at hand, plugins like Gravity Forms for WordPress. Web Hosting in Lahore.

11. Be social

If you are very active on social media sites like Twitter, simply providing your username or link on the contact page can encourage users to reach out so that you can return quick responses to them. message and spend even less time in your overflowing inbox.! Users who connect through these channels are likely to also receive other messages that you broadcast through the medium, which can lay the foundation for a long-term relationship.


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