How to Make Your Workshop Engaging and Fun?

Who says educational workshops are bound to be dull and boring? Since teaching something is a form of art, it can be entertaining, engaging and fun as well. Even if you’re running online educational workshops, you can still find ways to engage your audience and make the workshop interactive enough for them to learn and enjoy. It’s imperative that people who tune in to your workshop are not just learning a lot but also get the inspiration to do better as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can try to make your workshop less boring and more engaging:

The Relevance of the Content

You won’t be able to achieve much if you’re teaching the right things to the wrong people. That is, if you’re trying to teach software developers how to work with power tools, chances are that it won’t benefit them. Moreover, if what you teach doesn’t help those who want to learn, your efforts will be in vain.

Workshops need to be relevant to the audience and the best way to see what works for them is to ask. Not only will this attract their attention and encourage contribution but it will also give you an idea of what you should go for. Coming up with the proper plan and strategy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do it alone. In fact, studies show that learners are more likely to engage and participate if they are given the chance to discuss what they wish to learn.

As an educator, you’ll have a clear idea about what you’re dealing with. A friendly session with the learners will help you understand their needs and the best strategy you should adopt to accommodate them.

Don’t be Too Old School

The last thing anyone wants in an online educational workshop is to have a traditional old school lecture. As an educator, you don’t want to hear yawns and snores and you certainly don’t want to be the bad guy that keeps on reprimanding. Furthermore, it doesn’t go well if you deliver a boring lecture in a one-sided discussion context. You want the people to interact with you in order to receive some feedback. This will encourage new learners to speak their minds and make them feel accepted. This will result in them opening up and sharing their opinions which will ultimately help you figure out the situation in a better way. Needless to say, you’ll be able to cater to the requirements that they have with regards to the workshop.

Be Entertaining

Whether you’re in person or online, you can always try to spice things up by offering a little entertainment to your audience. Everyone appreciates a little humour as long as it doesn’t affect the overall learning process. However, it’s necessary that you understand the kind of audience you’re dealing with and whether your plan will go well with them. People get tired of boring presentations easily. You can be sure that a few jokes or a game of some sort will help lighten the mood and freshen up your audience’s mood.

If all else fails, try explaining everything in the form of a story. You’ll have to try and make the story as intriguing and interesting as you can. Pique their interest and make them curious enough to want to know more. It would work best if you try to incorporate a moral lesson that you want to teach through a story. It can be a real or fictional story that gets the audience’s attention and gets the point across.

Avoid Too Much Information

You don’t want your audiences to have a huge load of notes that they write up throughout the duration of your lecture. Instead, try to take it slow by breaking it down to digestible pieces. Too much information will only end up stressing your learners and will ultimately result in discouraging them from the learning process. Since your goal is to enhance their motivation, you need to focus on making sure that they find it all doable rather than something they can barely make sense of. Whether you’re going for online training for schools, teachers, students or even employees, the goals remain the same. You need to be entertaining, enlightening, informative and understanding.

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