How To Make A Small Kitchen More Efficient

A kitchen must be likeable and practical so that you can handle every task smoothly. If you have a small kitchen, you must be wondering how to make the most out of the available area.

From its layout to the appliances, everything should work cohesively for overcoming any limitations within a confined space. Every component within a compact kitchen should be planned perfectly. It means that creating a new or renovating existing kitchen may take longer compared to planning any other room in your house.

But don’t worry; here are some easy steps to help you make the most out of your cooking space.

1. Try to draw the eye to your ceiling to make the kitchen appear bigger

If you’re blessed with high ceilings, why not take advantage of that? You may consider building cabinetry that goes all the way up to your ceiling. Add open shelving for small kitchen storage for displaying cute cutlery, along with some decor pieces. You can try to bring the eye up using decorative mouldings, adding statement lighting fixtures or painting a ceiling. Vertical storage or floating shelves that go up to the roof make your small kitchen appear more prominent.

2. Don’t miss out any kitchen storage opportunity 

When redesigning your small kitchen, you need to think about how you can utilise every area while making the kitchen appear beautiful. You may even think of using specific add-ons for making the cabinets’ interior appear more efficient, and the kitchen workflow more productive.

The back of the doors can also be used for hanging aprons or cleaning cloth. Also, consider adding a small shelf over the countertop or sink to store utensils or other kitchen items that otherwise make your cooking space appear too cluttered.

3. Cleverly use lighting to make your small kitchen appear bigger

You need to plan a good kitchen lighting to create an illusion of bigger space even if it’s smaller. You may add spot and decorative lighting against glass splashbacks to make the area appear open and well-organised.

Also, consider the colour of your cabinet or worktop finishes to have a significant visual impact. The darker the cabinets, walls and counters, the more lighting is required for brightness. Installing pendant lighting over your worktop is also a beautiful and practical feature.

4. Limit the colour palette in a kitchen

What colour you choose for your kitchen is your personal decision. But try to keep that colour choice limited to just one or two predominant hues to make your small kitchen appear more prominent. This technique is even helpful in creating a more coordinated look of a room without much hassle.

You may even use different shades but stick to one colour family while mixing and matching. But avoid large blocks of contrasting walls, as they may look off in a small kitchen. You must try to maintain the continuous flow within the interior, so it’s best to go for the subtle colour scheme.

5. Declutter the kitchen

If you feel you have too many old appliances that often clutter your kitchen, it’s best to remove some of the unwanted items from your cooking space. Instead of keeping a substantial age-old microwave on a counter, invest in a compact microwave to make the area appear organised yet functional at the same time.

If you’re running out of space, restrict yourself and don’t allow more items to enter your cooking space unless you have cleared out the room for them. A well-organised kitchen with ample storage will automatically feel more significant than its actual size.

6. Make use of light-reflecting materials and accessories

For making your small kitchen appear more significant, you must choose materials and accessories that bounce light into the room. For instance, you may choose kitchen glass splashbacks, metallic pendant lamps or other decorative elements to complement the practical things, such as metal utensils.

The best thing about glass splashbacks and other metallic accessories is that they reflect the light around the room, making the available space feel bigger. Moreover, adding such reflective pieces to your interior help in lifting the interior to another level.

7. Choose the all-white scheme

Another simple way to reflect lighting in a room is by choosing an all-white kitchen interior. For this colour scheme, you may paint the kitchen walls and cabinets in the same shade of white. You can even paint bulky radiators in the same tone to camouflage them into the interior. 

You may even create some contrast while keeping white as the dominant colour. The vibrant colour can be added to the interior in the form of a few decorations and accessories.


There are many exciting ways to add exquisite and practical flair to a small kitchen. Be it adding reflective glass splashbacks or picking the all-white interior. You can take beautiful kitchen design inspiration from the given simple yet useful tips to make a small kitchen more efficient.

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