How to Make a Great Cover Letter for a Flight Attendant?

Concentrating on what you can offer a future employer while working as a flight attendant is very important. This can be best done through a cover letter. Since a flight attendant cover letter is a prime job application document, it needs to be written with great care and focus.

Unfortunately, many candidates do not take the cover letter seriously. If working as a flight attendant is on the cards for you, you must focus on making your cover letter a treat to read. This is not too difficult. But first, you have to figure out what a hiring manager’s requirements are.

Read the job description provided by the employer very carefully. Outline all the areas that align well with these requirements. Then, move on to writing a great cover letter for a flight attendant position.

First Paragraph

The beginning of a flight attendant cover letter is always quite difficult. Let us help you with it. Open the cover letter with a power statement. Think of it this way – as soon as the hiring manager starts to read your cover letter, he or she should be immediately intrigued. Mention specifically that you are interested in a flight attendant position, and give a hint of what you have to offer.

Main Body

As you start the second paragraph of your flight attendant cover letter, focus on the deliverables. Some of the areas that you can highlight your skills in are:

  • Pre-flight checks
  • Emergency measures
  • Passenger support
  • Ticket verification
  • Pre-flight briefings
  • Food and drinks serving
  • Cabin security

It is best if you write skills statements in a bullet form, so that the hiring manager can easily read and remember you as a possible candidate. If you want to talk about your experience, just make a reference to the enclosed resume.

Mention of accomplishments as a flight attendant is also important. If you have successfully handled an onboard emergency, this is where you have to mention it. Also, any contribution that you may have made in terms of helping disabled passengers should make its way here.

Last Paragraph

The way in which your flight attendant cover letter ends is as important as how it begins. If you have opened with a bang, you should leave with one too. Do not say that you will wait for an interview call. Instead, provide your contact information, and suggest that you will be calling the prospective employer to set up a meeting date and time.

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