How to Light your Kitchen with Low Bay Lighting

The kitchen is a space where we want to have good lighting, which allows us to work in a comfortable way, which we find ideally with the incorporation of commercial led lighting.

Additionally, the high bay lighting used in strategic points is very versatile to use in the decoration of any area, achieving spaces with great visual harmony and at the same time that they are functional.

In homes, the low bay lighting gives you the pleasant atmosphere you want, with a uniform light that when you turn it on allows you to illuminate the entire kitchen and also that when you open the cabinets you can distinguish what you are looking for in a comfortable and fast way.

The warehouse led lighting  recessed into the ceiling are the best choice for the kitchen because it does not require any maintenance, with the added benefit of saving energy.


The kitchen is a space, considered as the center of the home, where you usually spend a lot of time, not only preparing food, but also sharing with family and friends, so you must take special care in its decoration, for which I will give you some keys.


The best decoration is the one that makes good use of combining natural light with artificial light, in such a way that sunlight combines in perfect harmony with artificial lights. In the case of the kitchen, it is essential that you plan the distribution of the warehouse led lighting so that it does not block the entrance of natural light, but rather serves as a complement.


The most common is to use led downlights or warehouse led lighting , in a number that is initially distributed according to the size of the space to be decorated. For a medium-sized kitchen the use of two 2x26w led downlights should be sufficient for general lighting.

However, for focal lighting of the cooking and food preparation area, it is convenient to use direct led lights . Likewise, for those cabinets, where it is often difficult for us to find things, it is an advantage to have additional lighting.

For the island, if you have one in your kitchen, the best lighting is provided by hanging lamps , taking into account that, if a cooking area is included, the extraction hood already has a built-in light.

Another place where the use of this type of lighting is very comfortable is in the pantries, since surely you have found on many occasions that you have difficulty finding an object there.

Also if you have a dining space in the kitchen, the use of warehouse led lighting will give it an intimate and personal character, pleasantly delimiting this space. Another idea for this space are the ceiling lamps directly on the dining room table, as they give a touch of elegance.


In the market there are specific lights to offer that special lighting that you require in the area where you are going to handle food and where you need good lighting.


The use of warehouse led lighting  offer you an elegant and discreet option in the kitchen. If you place it along the countertops you will have a very sober homogeneous light, with the advantage that these lights do not radiate heat.


In addition to functionality, in your home you want to enjoy the greatest comfort in all spaces. In the case of the kitchen, you can achieve this by adding some led wall lights, embedded in the wall.


The main advantage you get with the use of led lights is low energy consumption, which compared to the use of other types of led spotlights can represent up to 80 percent savings on the electricity bill.

In addition to their low consumption is that, these led bulbs have a very long life, which can reach 50 thousand hours of ignition.

On the other hand, being a cold light, LED lights give us the necessary security in the months of higher value to reduce the probability of fires due to contact of the bulbs, with some flammable material.

They do not contain mercury, or other heavy materials, and pollutants, in addition to being recyclable, which makes them more friendly to the planet, a very important point to consider.


The concept that LED lights turn on gradually has become widespread , which has been ingrained from the first light to hit the market, which when turned on illuminated very little and gradually reached the maximum point. Today, from the moment you turn them on, they offer you lighting in all its splendor.

Another misconception related to this lighting is that they cannot be installed in homes that had traditional incandescent lights. The solution to this problem is very simple and consists of changing the caps where the lights are incorporated.

Regarding the cost of using low bay lighting in kitchen decoration, it is a great success. The initial investment will probably be a little higher than buying traditional bulbs, but the electricity savings and the life of these bulbs is considerably greater than installing a traditional bulb.

In the long term, the savings that you will observe, both in electricity bills and in the duration of the bulbs, is so substantial that it will make the difference you paid when purchasing them seem insignificant.

In short, acquiring and installing led downlights for decorating your kitchen will bring you insurmountable advantages, the most important being the one we have already mentioned of energy saving and therefore the monthly electricity bill. However, you will also have clearer lighting, with a cold light emission which provides more comfort, sobriety and elegance to the space.

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