How To Learn Flower Arranging

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The year 2020 is all about opportunities, some people hate 2020 because of the pandemic but seeing a brighter side of a challenge is key. The pandemic is here, the state government has imposed a total lockdown for the sake of health and safety of people. While you are restricted in your home, you can try to learn a new skill. How about learning artificial flower arrangements online? While this skill looks pretty easy, there’s actually an art to it. Professional flower arrangement is regarded as a career, however, you can easily learn the basics of flower arrangement using different sources. This skill will help you during a variety of occasions, for instance setting up some nice and beautiful floral centerpieces for a party or even a corporate event. If you haven’t figured out your hobby yet, flower arrangement can be your new and exciting hobby. People will definitely praise your ability to arrange flowers in a beautiful way. Here is how you can learn the basics of the art:

Watch Video Tutorials:

When it comes to learning a new skill, the source or channel that comes immediately in our mind is YouTube. YouTube packs a whole universe of video tutorials that will help you learn the basics of a variety of skills. In the case of flower arrangement, all you have to do is simply search “Flowers Arrangement” on Youtube and you will find a number of videos and dedicated crafty channels for this purpose, such as Craftsy’s “Flower Arranging Tutorial with Celebrity Florist Carly Cylinder”. You can easily learn the basics of flower arrangement after watching several videos and impress your family and peers with your newly learned skill. In addition to YouTube, you can take a look at websites like Skillshare. You will find many vloggers and florists that share their experience and information regarding flower arrangement.

Other Online Resources: In addition to YouTube and Skillshare website, there are a number of other online resources that can be helpful for learning the basics of flower arranging. For instance, BloomTube is an amazing resource for all things floral inspiration. The website features floral designs and floral trends happening around the world. This website also offers comprehensive and step by a step video tutorial to help beginners grasp the concept of flower arrangement. The website also maintains a YouTube channel that contains a wide collection of highly specific how-tos, however, these how-tos are usually made for people with a fair amount of prior experience in flower arrangement, beginners may struggle in getting proper context and appropriate information from these videos. If you are still having trouble grasping the basic concepts of floral arrangement then the best option for you will be exploring Reddit. Reddit is a good platform where users ask questions and get the right answers. There are some subreddits on floral arrangement already that may help you learn the basics or you can ask your own question. Check out r/florists, r/floristry, and r/floraldesign in the subreddits.

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