How to know if your California fixer-upper is a money pit?

How to know if your California fixer-upper is a money pit?

If you were thinking about investing money in a home in California, this is the perfect article for you. Buying a completely new home in California is a huge expense even though it is an investment. California is one of the most expensive states in the US when it comes to real estate. Yet, a lot of people seem to be wanting to live in California even though it is so expensive. If you are one of these people yet you don’t have the money to buy a new home, just do what everybody else does – buy a fixer-upper. But buying a home that is old and needs repairing and remodeling is a knife with two blades. You will either save thousands of dollars or your California fixer-upper is a money pit.

And chances are that you don’t really know how to recognize whether a home is worth investing in when it is very old and run down. It isn’t an easy task at all. And it is exactly why I decided to write this article. Here’s where you can read more about just how you can recognize that your California fixer-upper is a money pit

A good foundation saves you a lot of money

The foundation is the most important and the most expensive part of a house. A good foundation is what you need in order to have a good house. This is why when buying a fixer-upper you need to take a closer look at the quality of the home’s foundation. It is moldy or has large cracks that would need repairing, I would suggest staying away from purchasing this house. Repairing the foundation of a home can cost you a couple of thousands of dollars.

This can also really set you back when it comes to time. Repairing the foundation of a home can last a long time. If you are planning on moving into your new home soon with Mod Movers Monterey CA, buying a home whose foundation needs fixing is definitely a bad idea. But sadly, the foundation is usually the thing that is most likely going to be damaged at least a little. This is because it holds the whole weight of the house and it is very hard for it to stay in good condition. This is why if you run into a house with a good or a semi-good foundation you might be facing a real good deal. Not a lot of people who are selling these old homes know how to evaluate them.

Old school electrical wiring

After checking the foundation of a home, your next step is to check the wiring. Wiring has changed over time quite a lot. And sadly, most of these old homes haven’t had the chance to get newer, more modern wiring installed. And it is usually not because these homes were abandoned tens of years ago but because replacing electrical wiring is very expensive. Especially when switching from antique electrical wiring to a modern one.

This is a tough thing to do and it is definitely something you need a professional to help you with which means that it is an even bigger expense. The only time you should invest in a house with antique wiring is when you are an electrician who knows how to do these things or when this is just one of a couple of things that would need to be replaced. But if it is just one of many things that would need to be repaired, this California fixer-upper is a money pit and you should stay away from it.

Ruined roof

Not only is the foundation of the home something you should take a very close look at but so is the roof. A roof is what keeps the inside of the home warm and dry. This means that this is a very important part of a home and it also means that it is a big expense to fix it. This is why investing in a house that has a very run-down roof is nothing but a bad idea. Roof repairs cost a lot of money too as roofs consist of different layers. You need at least a couple of thousands of dollars in order to install a new roof.

That is if the roof is in a very bad condition. And most of the time it is. But if you have some luck and you run into a house with a good roof that needs light repairing, this is most definitely a jackpot. I suggest using metal shingles.


Insect infestation is very common in old abandoned houses. Especially in states such as California where the weather is nice throughout most of the year. And also because houses in California are mostly made out of wood which attracts even more insects. And they can be very damaging to wood. They usually cause thousands of dollars of damage once they infest a house. And it is surely something that isn’t easy to repair. They crawl into the depts of the wood and eat it from the inside. This is why most of the time bug infestation isn’t visible from the outside unless the bugs have been there for ages. They are very small so it takes them years to cause damage that is visible from afar.

If insect infestation happens in your home, be sure to start thinking about moving away for some time until the exterminators make sure they are gone. Reliable movers will come to your rescue in no time if you end up in such a situation. You will need them to remove all the things in your home before you call exterminators.

Houses built in the 1970s

One thing I would recommend is staying away from houses that were built in the 1970s and earlier. This is when asbestos was used as well as lead-based paint. Most of the time, these houses require remediation which is quite costly.