How To Keep Your Carpets Clean For A Long Time

How To Keep Your Carpets Clean For A Long Time

Among all other flooring options, carpet flooring is one of the most popular choices among homeowners. Carpets add style, color, and living comfort to your home. Numerous materials are used to make the carpet fiber and that affects the expected lifespan and maintenance needs of the carpet. 

All the carpets should be regularly cleaned at home but home experts suggest professional cleaning after a year. The frequency of professional cleaning depends on factors such as traffic and season of the year. But once the professional cleaners leave your home, a little bit of care and maintenance can keep your carpets fresh for a long time. Here are 8 top tips to keep your carpet clean in Norfolk VA for a long time.

1. Let The Carpet Dry

Professional cleaners mostly use the hot extraction method which involves wetting the carpet with water. On the other hand, steam cleaning makes use of evaporated water. Whatever the cleaning procedure may be, you should thoroughly dry it.

Turn up the heat in your home to let the carpets dry. Moreover, wet carpets are easily re-soiled. Avoid heavy traffic on the freshly cleaned carpet unless it is completely devoid of moisture. 

2. Improve Ventilation

After a professional cleanup, the indoor air is heavily laden with moisture. The high humidity content is not suitable for human health as well as the carpet.

Improve the ventilation of your house. Open the house windows to let the air pass. Ceiling or floor fans are also used for better ventilation. You can also use dehumidifiers.

3. Don’t Rotate Furniture Over Wet Carpet

Fibers of a freshly cleaned carpet need extra care till it is completely dry. It is highly suggested not to rotate furniture over the carpet surface. The heavyweight of furniture can damage the fibers. The fabric can tear if the furniture is pulled or pushed in the wrong way. You should wait at least 24 hours before moving heavy furniture items.  

4. Buy A Carpet Protector

Buy a carpet protector that is easily available in home improvement stores. It will greatly reduce the need for maintenance. Carpet protectors make an invisible shield over the carpet fibers and help resist the stains. Carpets do not absorb any spills and stain removal is quite easy.

Gentle blotting and dabbing with a soft cloth will be enough for removing the stains.

5. Clean The Spills ASAP

Carpets get soiled due to the retained stains and odors. One of the most common mistakes we often make is that we delay cleaning the stains. If you want to keep the carpets fresh and hygienic for long periods, clean the spills as soon as possible. Blot the stains instead of rubbing them over the surface.

6. Use Carpet Mats

High traffic areas need your most attention. Many people install mats in front of the entrance doors. The mats effectively reduce the amount of dirt entering the carpet fabric. Enforce a no-shoe policy in the house.

Other than hiring professional carpet cleaning in Norfolk VA, use these simple yet effective tips for cleaner carpets.