How To Keep Away Wasps In Bristol?

Soffits, Eaves, and gutters on the exteriors of your house are the most popular nesting spots for the wasps. The flowers and the plant life, along with patios, outdoor eating areas, or un-cleaned sticky soda spills, tend to attract these wasps from even a long distance. If garbage cans are not properly emptied or adequately covered, they can also attract wasps.

Wasps can be quite harmful

Suppose you are not confident about doing it yourself. In that case, you should definitely take the assistance of professional pest control in Bristol service provider if there are wasps near your home as they can completely spoil your outdoor activities. They usually do not sting. However, if disturbed, they can get too hostile. Their stings are also quite painful, but they are not life-threatening to those people who do not suffer from wasp venom allergies.

This is how you destroy the wasp nest

Wasps are a part of nature, and therefore their nests should not be disturbed. They are also not aggressive and so do not pose much threat to human beings. But if they are located near your home, they might pose a restriction to your activities. So in such cases, these need to get removed.

If you are absolutely confident that the wasps are nesting nearby but you are not sure where exactly the nest’s location, then you need to observe the wasps’ flight pattern. Moreover, if you find that the wasps are moving in and out of a particular area, then chances are high that their nests are located in that place.

If you are approaching the nest, you should wear protective clothing that will cover your entire body. It would help if you also coveredyour face, ear, and neck with a veil. Ensure that there are no body parts exposed because the wasps may attack the body part exposed. You should wait till it is dark as the wasps are drowsy and slower during this time. You should, however, still be careful while removing it.

If you have a headlamp, then you should use it, or otherwise, a helper should accompany you, who will hold the flashlight for you. Both your hands have to be free. You can also use the best Pest Control in Bristol to remove them.

Follow the given steps to prevent wasp infestation and wasp nests

If you are interested to know about the best ways to prevent wasp infestations and their nests, you should go through the points mentioned below:

Seal the cracks

You must seal up the cracks formed around the edges where the power lines enter the house and patch up the holes near the window screens. Doing this will allow you to control the wasp nests to a great extent. You should try to do this during the night when most of the working wasps tend to die or before early spring when the nests become active.

In case you find wasps inside the house, then make sure that you do not seal these nests inside the wall, considering that they will simply die. They will come out through the vents and may even chew through the drywall.

Seal the waste bins

The problems with wasps are usually worst in the yards, garbage bins, and recycling bins. Make sure you tightly seal the lids. You must ensure that you do not provide any exposure to your waste bins, as wasps are usually attracted to them.

Try some homemade wasp control measures

To control wasp infestation and prevent their stinging bites, you can use the following homemade products:

Peppermint Oil

Begin by mixing equal amounts of water and peppermint oil and then apply it to arms, ankles, socks, hair, etc. You can also use a bit of dish soap that will work as a spray repellant.

Chili Peppers

You first need to boil 2 cups of chili pepper in 2 cups of water for about 2 minutes. Then allow this mixture to cool down. You can then use it as a spray repellant and use it on various surfaces.

Essential Oil Blend

You will have to begin by adding a few drops of peppermint oil, clove oil, lemongrass oil, and a few dish soap drops and create a mixture. Then you can use thismixture to spray on various surfaces where you suspect there are wasps or wasp nests.


If you want to control the wasp nests, you can either try out some of these homemade methods or use the best Pest Control in Bristol and get things sorted.

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