Public speaking has become crucial for a growth perspective. It improves self-confidence, social interaction, and allows the speaker to share knowledge on a subject. However, most employees hardly engage in such an activity. However, people in every organization always have employees who have been part of the audience. It begins with announcements during school recess and moves onto office gatherings or outdoor events. Anyone planning to become a public speaker can improve their skills at home using the following tips:

Record Yourself

If you are learning english speaking course in Hindi on your own, you can use your phone camera or DSLR to record your speech or script. But recording should include a clear mic and cover your whole body so that you can pay attention to all aspects. It is also the best way to overcome outdoor video recordings and get rid of camera fear. It would also allow you to learn about your everyday speech mistakes. Regularly recording your speech or script would make you remember it throughout the event. Additionally, if your speaking event involves cross-questioning, it would keep you prepared for answering the possible questions.

Read Aloud

Reading aloud doesn’t only come handy for improving speaking skills but also for memorizing script or speech, and removes the fear of making mistakes during the event. It also helps a person consistently practice word pronunciation and hence, improves their pitch, flow, and speech. Moreover, it provides self-confidence to a person before going on-stage and thus removes stage fright. Additionally, it allows a person to keep the facts or statistics in mind, just like before any exam. Furthermore, it eliminates hesitation while communicating with any person from the audience.

Assess Your Venue

Public speaking is only helpful if the message reaches out to the audience. Therefore, it is essential to learn about the venue, physically assess it, enquire about the technicalities, and ask for the requirements. By doing so, you would learn about the video recording and appearance before going live at the event. Moreover, it would remove the fear of voice breaking or interruptions before the live session. Also, knowing the duration of your appearance is essential to build the script or speech. 

Keep Your Gear Ready

We have already emphasized on being ready for the audience in our previous points. However, it is also crucial to get your gear ready. It means you should have your presentation handy or your speech/script prepared before entering the stage. Moreover, your presentation should start as you enter the stage with your name to become familiar with you and your topic of discussion. During the session, you should have eye-contact with your audience and not speed through it. It might depict nervousness even though you are not trying to showcase it.

Other tips to improve public speaking skills at home include speeches during friends and family gatherings, watching other speakers in your field, visualizing yourself on-stage, reciting your script to a friend, joining an online class, etc. 

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