How to identify a shipping scam

Shipping items to another city or country is stressful for different reasons. The situation gets even more worrying when you need to ship all the items from your house due to relocation. As the shipping business has grown, the number of scam shipping companies appeared as well. For that reason, you need to be very careful when trusting someone your valuables. Luckily, we wanted to make things easier and help you learn how to identify a shipping scam and protect your belongings. Here’s what to look for when suspecting a shipping scam.

The online presence of a company – is there anything suspicious?

Nowadays, professional companies do their best to make their online presence look for professionals and ensure their clients can find them with ease. That’s the way Four Winds Bahrain makes sure their customers are safe and satisfied with their services.

So the first thing to do when you want to identify a shipping scam is to try to find the company on Google. So, even if you get an email that looks just right, make sure you check the exact name on Google. Very often, scammers will use names very similar to some shipping pros and try to deceive people. So looking those up online is one of the options to do the check – however, it shouldn’t be the only one. Sometimes, scammers will do their best to make authentic websites and try to trick you into thinking it’s real.

Look at the emails and notifications

Most of the time an online scam can be easily recognized just by taking a look at the email or other notification youreceive from a company. First, it’s the looks for the email. Usually, scammers copy the logo of a legit shipping company, but they can’t do it very well. That’s why fake emails will contain logos or images of poor quality, with unclear details, dots,and random color spots. Another thing to look at is the language in the email. Very often, scammers will use improper grammar or unnatural language to send you emails. So if you notice grammar mistakes and sentences you can’t see with a professional company – know for sure it’s a scam.

Bonus tip: Another way to identify a shipping scam is by checking the address you’ve received an email from. Scammers will probably use a public email server, unlike a professional moving company whose emails have their domain.

Read reviews

Other people’s experiences can be very valuable when you need to select a good shipping company. So, apart from looking for recommendations from the people you know, read online reviews about the companies you want to check. The comments should be mostly positive, written in natural language, so you can consider hiring the company.

Ask for details

Before giving out any details to someone, ask them about more information. Try to get the representative’s contact info, especially if they contacted you via phone.

Surprising payments

Another red flag that can help you identify a shipping scam is when a representative asks for more money so you can get your package. Any irregular or surprising payments should be a sign you’re dealing with a scammer. Also, don’t go for companies that offer extremely low rates. Instead, find some safe ways to reduce overhead expenses and protect your items.

Along with the moving business, scammers are also developing their ways to trick people. That’s why you should be very careful when giving out contact details and making payments. Always double-check the companies you’re communicating with and hire only the recommended professionals.

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