How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags play a pivotal role in making your posts crafty, engaging, presentable, beautiful and discoverable for your Instagram followers. Whenever a hashtag relevant to a media, audio or textual post is put into a box, it describes what the content is all about. These tags work for social post optimization just the same way as content with keyword does for a web page. In the end, the purpose is to make the content searchable and discoverable in the Instagram feed. 

Too Many Hashtags

As much as it is important to use multiple Instagram hashtags in the content, it also matters how many tags you use at once. Too many of these tags would make your Instagram posts look cluttered, jumbled up, clumsy and above all visually appalling. Whenever you weave a post for your audience you wish to engage users to the main content that you share. However, when you use too many hashtags, they turn your users off for taking away the focus from main content. 

You must find the best way to hide Instagram hashtags on Instagram to keep your content interactive and attractive for the viewers. Imagine reading a post followed by a tons of #symbols and tags, how would you feel? Thinking about content promotion and sharing, keeping yourself in the shoes of your audience. Doing so is needed even more seriously when you use Instagram to promote and advertise your business.

How many hashtags should be used?

As per thumb rule you can use anywhere between 8 to 30 hashtags in the Instagram post. But ask yourself, do you need to use all these tags in the posts? It is understandable that you want your content to be discovered by all means possible; organic search, Instagram feed and relevant content. However, you can still optimize your content if you choose to add only relevant hashtags, especially the ones, explaining your business in a better way precisely. 

If using too many hashtags is an absolute and unavoidable necessity for your Instagram business marketing campaign, then you should follow a secret method on how to hide hashtags on Instagram. 

Why is it important to Hashtags on Instagram?

Many internet marketers believe that Instagram hashtags could make the post desultory in a way of presenting the content to the right audience. For example, you are promoting a makeup kit and your post is full of relevant hashtags. Instead of focusing more on what you have shared, the user might press one hashtag to another to go away from your page. Massive number of hashtags alongside the caption also impacts the bounce rate. As the users would not stay for more than two minutes on your post, your content is likely to fade away in the crowd of millions of Instagram posts that go unnoticed. 

Hiding hashtags on Instagram 

Here is one of the smartest ways of keeping your Instagram posts engaging without showing too many hashtags lined up on the side.Apparently, this method has been working fine for many Instagram influencers who love adding all 30 hashtags for the sake of best promotion yet don’t wish their viewers to feel turned off by excessive tags.

1: Download Text Editor: 

Regardless of the phone model, a text editor is available for download through Google Playstore and Apple Store for everyone. Download the application on your android phone. Alternatively, you can use Evernote as well, it’s used by almost every other Instagram user who wishes to create a layout to hide hashtags on Instagram.

2: Typing: 

Now here is the important part that you need to follow. Make a layout by typing a dot and then typing the “return” option on your keyboard in the text editor. You have to type a dot and then type the return for up to five consecutive times. You will have five dots showing at the beginning of each line of your page. 

3:Copy Procedure: 

Copy these dots from the notepad.Open your Instagram post and now start creating your posts as you usually do, upload an image, write an eye-catching caption and then paste the dots.  Depending on the phone you are using, you may need to copy the dots differently. Now the fonts show you how to copy a particular text or area of text from a notepad. New mobile interface does allow you to pick even a particular line or word to copy from the web page or notepad. However, these options vary from one phone to another. For most parties, they are available on all android phones.

4: Writing Hashtags:  

Paste the dots in the comment  box as a comment and then Start adding your hashtags from the sixth line. It would not take more than three seconds to do this entire procedure for creating multiple posts on your account. 

You have not a clean Instagram post without hashtags cluttering the side or hidden under the caption to make it look spammy and clumsy. In fact, your content would look more attractive without tags and it could tremendously help you get more audience.

Most Instagram users who use this platform for their business promotion often feel confused as to whether they should hide hashtags or not. It’s totally up to you. You must not forget that these hashtags contribute to making your content more visible and discoverable in search results. Therefore, you must use hashtags in your posts so relevant audiences can track you back and go through whatever you have to share with them. However, it’s a fact that these hashtags, when used in a massive number, can really make a post boring and somewhat unattractive. In terms of content presentation, you need to keep the media files and captions very precise, catchy and attractive. Hiding hashtags in the comment box is just a smart way of optimising your posts for Instagram followers feeds and relevant content without losing users’ engagement. 

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