How to help your child cope through a divorce

Few things in life are difficult to cope with the separation and divorce of the parents. Divorce is something that affects every member of a family, but it is very hard on children. Explaining it to the young child makes the situation more fraught. Children’s emotions may go through stages and a range of conflicting emotions from anger and sadness to guilty and insecurity. 

It is a roller coaster until children are able to accept the situation fully and for that, how you handle the changes and find ways to ease the transition for the well-being of the child is important. Our child custody attorneys can advise you regarding a co-parenting schedule related to your family’s specific needs. Here let’s read what to say and know some practical and effective ways that help your child cope through the process of divorce at an early stage.

Help your child emotionally and cope with separation and divorce

Communicate openly

After divorce, parents, one of the top priorities is to help their child adjust to the situation as early as possible. You have to make the communication lines open so that your child is able to talk to you and express their concerns and address any fear they may have about the divorce. Make them feel comfortable so they can easily approach you with such sensitive topics. 

You need to check up on their reaction as they may address the issue in various situations. Regardless whenever they feel right to talk, whether it’s during lunch, on walks, or while going to bed, talk to them openly and answer their questions appropriately by encouraging them. Our lawyers in Knoxville, TN, can help you suggest many ways that protect your child from the negative suffering of emotions.

Create a familiar atmosphere at both homes

Children’s emotional impact is enormous as they feel that security and stability have been taken away from them. This creates confusion of their emotions, and in these times, they need the sense of familiarity which they crave most. Younger children feel confused about why their parents need to live in two different homes and why they need to transfer every time. At this point, both the parents need to make sure that both of the home’s children visit are welcoming and make them feel comfortable.

The best way is to cooperate with your spouse and have the same households that create familiarity in kids from their toys to clothing and their favorite snacks. Items may also include school supplies so that your children feel at home regardless of wherever they are staying.

Occupy their minds in positive and productive things

Depending on your child’s age, they spend most of their days either at school or kindergarten means; apart from parents, teachers and caregivers also play an important role in the children’s lives, which helps to cope with the situation. They can help make the adjustment much easier. For example, they assist the child in class and include them in conversion as well as adjusting their expectation when it comes to the child’s academic performance. 

Achild custody attorney can assist in taking into consideration the activities of your child. Extracurricular activities turn out to be effective with troublesome feelings. Enroll your child in creative activities like learning language, music, or a sport to occupy their minds and shift their thoughts into productive things, which in result help them overcome the negative emotions easily.

Let them express through playing 

Divorces come as a shock to children, while some choose to express openly while some withdraw socially and keep their feelings to them instead of sharing and addressing the issue. We all knew the best way to make children feel comfortable by letting them play as they are in their world of imagination, escaping the real world. It is a very good idea for parents to try getting their children to express themselves by such activities, including drawing or acting out different scenarios through role-playing. It encourages children to express how they feel positively. 

Be consistent with routines

Adapting changes with divorce put both parents and their kids under a lot of pressure. However, separation can disturb your day to day functioning, but it’s important to continue with daily schedules as you would normally do. Both parents have to try maintaining similar routines and disciplines in both households. Whether it’s the rules regarding homework, morning routine, or bedtime, being consistent with the expectations helps children maintain a sense of security, and they will get the stability to deal with unfamiliar situations. As time passes and the fear of the unknown is lessened, stress and anxiety will reduce and allow children to adapt to new situations.


It takes time to adjust to the newfound situation as feelings of concern, anger, frustration, and loneliness are the emotions children usually deal with after facing separation from their parents. But if the whole family puts an effort to accept things and adapt to necessary change, then it is possible to create a sense of stability. Lawyers in Knoxville, TN, suggest that you talk to your children, listen to them, and understand their emotions. Being a parent connects with your kids and helps them cope through the struggles that come with divorce, and ultimately it will heal as time goes on.

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