How to Hang Curtains over Vertical Blinds

It is not easy to hang curtains or awnings over vertical blinds. That a type of window treatment that makes it hard to keep an eye on the thing covered. However, if you know the secrets of vertical blinds Dubai how to do it, you can easily keep an eye on your curtains and awnings and whatever else you want to cover the window.

Different types of extensions available

What you need is some extension that is detachable at both ends that makes it easy to move the curtains or awning anywhere you want to place it without any trouble. Extensions are available in many different forms.

That enables the blinds to fold up

Some of them work well by raising the Best Blinds and Curtains on either side window place them on either side. These usually connected to a roller shutter mechanism that enables the blinds to fold up.

Prevent the drapery from extending

Then, some hooks fit on the back of the frame. In this way, the curtains or awning can easily swing out without the trouble of opening the blinds or rods. The purpose of the hanging curtain rods is to keep the curtains and awning out of the way and keep the top and bottom of the window from becoming uncovered because the rods will prevent the drapery from extending.

Type of rod that you use

Apart from the detachable extension, there are also detachable curtain rods, which serve the same purpose. The other option is to hold the rod by its handles instead of detaching it as the extension does. The curtain rods are normally folded up, either vertically or horizontally, depending on the type of rod that you use.

Easier than lifting the blinds out of the window

Vertical curtains and awnings usually hooked on rods that fixed at the top or bottom of the window. When you want to put them to use to cover windows, you have to put the blinds on the top or bottom before you use them as a support for the rods. If you think about it, this will be much easier than lifting the blinds out of the window.

Provide lighting throughout the room

Until you continue, turn off the lights inside the room where you will be putting up the curtains and awning. That is to prevent any light from Join, and make the house it difficult for you to see the rods fixed to the window top or bottom. Some of the curtains and awnings come with built-in light strips to provide lighting throughout the room.

Completely along with the window sill

It would be best if you first fixed the rod to the top of the window by placing it in the middle of the rod in a horizontal position. It would be best if you then slid it slightly down to its full extension in the middle. That is to allow the rod to go completely along the window sill.

By doing this, the rod will support the window sill and prevent it from bending in any direction. When you did, you should push the rod straight up into the window sill.

Top or bottom of the window

Once you have fixed the rod, you can slide the curtain or awning right against the rod to the top or bottom of the window. You can remove the rod and let the Cheap Venetian Blinds Dubai or awning go on the top or bottom of the window. Ensure that you keep them out of the way so that the rod does not catch on anything and cause you any problems.

Number of different positions

Most of the rods that you find these days are flexible so that they can adjust to different heights. It is advisable to set the rod to a height suitable for your window since the rod can secure in several different positions.


After fixing the rod to the window sill, you should secure it to the window using spacers. Spacers are strong and are easy to install.

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