How to Find Size 16 Work Boots

It is probably a safe assumption that you are used to process articles that cover just that – processes. You might have been a little thrown for a loop with the title of this piece, how to find Size 16 Work Boots, but rest assured, if you’ve ever shopped for boots that big before, you will appreciate this guide, no matter how glib.

We’re not going to speculate on the inefficiencies in the supply chain that result in a shortage of size 16 work boots. As you will see by the end of this article, the issue is not one of a shortage. There is some other issue in the supply chain, or perhaps in the management practices of retailers, that makes it effectively impossible for guys (for all people, really) with big feet to find the big shoes and boots that fit them.

Therefore, here’s how to find size 16 work boots. First, take a look at your list. Cross off any intentions to visit any outlets, retailers or any other traders that sell shoes in person. Unless you happen to know for a fact that a supplier has a stock of large shoes, cross it off the list. There’s no sense in wasting time looking around for what simply isn’t going to be there. Without quoting any statistics, just think to yourself about the number of times you’ve shopped through a shoe outlet or at another retail location and see aisles and aisles of shoes and boots then went up to men’s size 13, but halted abruptly thereafter. Perhaps there was the errant stray pair of size 14 boots, but that was probably it.

So, with no further ado, here it is. Open up your favorite browser. To ensure a quality shopping and viewing experience, we recommend opening up the best browser for the software device combo that you are using.

Set your sights on the search bar. Click on the search bar. Now, get ready for the hard part. Carefully type “” into the search bar. Hit enter or click search.

On the results page, click on one of the entries indicating an address of “” pursuant to the search you entered. You will know you are on the right site when you click on that address and see their logo displayed in the upper left hand corner of the window. It reads “fitting EXTRA LARGE FEET is no EXTRA LARGE FEATⓇ.”

There you are. The hard part is behind you. Navigate to the top of the page and click on the menu for “boots.” From there, you will have to decide what type of boots you are looking for. You can easily navigate from their homepage to their collections of hunting and hiking boots, tactical boots, work boots and more. In this case, you are looking for size 16 work boots, so click on “work boots.”

Your page will populate with many examples of work boots, but wait for this. Every single one of them will be offered in extended sizes. Click on your favorite boots and see if they are offered in your size – many of them are offered in sizes up with men’s size 21 and in widths out through 4E and even wider.

There it is. You have successfully completed our tutorial on how to find size 16 boots. As you can see, it surely beats spending aimless hours sifting through the useless inventory of most retailers. In truth, it’s much easier to find your large boots and shoes right on their site, so make that aspect of your life easier. Be sure to consult this guide anytime you need to find large boots or shoes.

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