How to enjoy Internet freedom without travelling to the country

Do you realise that some social media apps and news websites are banned and blocked in certain countries? This is because internet censorship is happening across the world. Sometimes goods that are perfect for the west may not work for the rest. According to internet world stats, countries such as Iceland, Kuwait, UAE, Norway, Qatar has the highest internet penetration rates up to 95%. Whereas countries such as Eritrea, Niger, Central African Republic, South Sudan has the lowest internet penetration rate. In this day, the internet has become part of important in our life. We need the internet almost every minute to check on the latest news, communicate with our family and friends visually and gaming purposes.

Based on Statista website information, there are almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020 updates. 59% came from the global population from China, India and the United States. Perhaps many of us will start questioning why are there internet censorship across the world? Well, the main reason is because to protect children from unsuitable content, reduce the conversation on government political topics as well as the spread of sensitive topics and fake news. Of course, there are many more reasons for countries to implement internet censorship.

In today’s guide, we will be sharing with you how to enjoy safe Internet freedom without travelling to the country.

1. SSH Tunnel

Have you heard of SSH tunnels? The function somehow looks alike as VPNs for securely tunnelling your web traffic. Probably this SSH Tunnel is suitable for geek that already have SSH server which can allow them to access remotely. For users who have SSH server, you can connect and access remotely and set up tunnelling, redirecting all your web browsing traffic over the secure connection. This process helps to encrypt your web browsing traffic so that it cannot be snooped on the public WIFI network. In results, you can access your favourite website content based on your SSH server’s location although you will experience a little slower on the loading speed. 

2. Use the Browser with built-in VPN

Many modern web browsers such as Opera, UR and Tor not only come with ad-blocker support but it also comes with free built-in VPN. This feature allows users to access region-restricted content on the internet. On the other hand, it also helps to protect the user’s identity online by keeping their web surfing private. Private browsing is important to online uses especially when they are doing business or personal deal transaction which involved sensitive information. Likewise, with the help of a built-in VPN, it enables users to surf the internet freely and safely.

3. Install VPN on your device

Although some web browser already has the built-in VPN features, but it is still lacking in its functionality. Well, as we know we cannot rely on free things. It is recommended for user to purchase a VPN client and installed onto their PC device. Paid VPN Proxy Master client usually comes with more features and functionality such as kill switch, P2P, block malware ads and support up to multiple devices. VPN with a paid versions also supports a wide range of servers across the regions. VPN helps to bypass geographical restriction content and protect your important data across the internet simultaneously.

4. Proxy

The alternative way is that some blocked websites can also be accessed via using a standard proxy. It basically works similarly to VPNs but they are not as reliable and secure. It only works on certain programs as well as certain computer devices. Hence, if you want a secure web traffic flow between your device and the web server, it is still recommended to use a trusted VPN service.

Key things to note that web-based proxy can allow you to quickly unblocked restricted websites. Example Hide My Ass is one of the proxy services whereby you just need to key in the website’s address into the box and access via the proxy. Somehow, it is not always 100% guaranteed success and you might receive an advertisement on the page. If you keep on encounter any disconnection experience, then we advise you to check on your system setting. Ultimately, VPNs is still the safer option for unblocking a geo-restricted website content.

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