How to dress up a T-shirt

When it comes to basic tops, t-shirts are a must in anyone’s closet. They are your wardrobe go to and because of how versatile it is as it gives the option of looking for a low-key vibe, or you can dress them up too! They are the most comfortable wear ever as just throw them right over your head as you don’t need to deal with buttons or hook and eye closures.

While the first instinct in your mind is to style casual with a pair of jeans and sneakers, a trendy online boutique comes with a different style collection that you can simply swap and make it worth for any special occasion. Here are some of our favorites : 

Midi skirt for that glam

A charming way to dress up a simple tee is to pair it with a midi skirt. A crisp white tee can look really sophisticated when tucked into a short high waisted skirt. The skirt gives you a unique, flirty, and fun look. With the right amount of swing and an elasticized waist, it is perfect for grabbing from an online trendy boutique and pairing it with a cute tee. For a chill day, pair this combo with knee boots, a sling bag, and a chunky sweater for those cozy and chic vibes, and you will be ready to go.

Bustier for some drama

A bustier is a bit dramatic if worn on its own, but you can balance out the look by layering underneath a cute tee for women. It feels very fresh, and you have the right level of flirtiness added to your outfit. Pair it with straight-leg jeans or a midi skirt with chunky footwear. The pop of color emphasizes your footwear, and the bustier gives extra interest to your t-shirt.

Suit/blazer for trendiness

A dressy outfit doesn’t have to be super girly every time. You can play with texture against the clean base of the basic t-shirt. You can also wear colorful suits underneath a simple tee to create a super trendy and visually interesting combination. Try a structured blazer over your t-shirt and pair it with some combat boots or kitten heels for a look that demands attention. Try out this whole monochrome outfit look and add charm to your outfit by popping a color tee.

Bring back the 70’s with flare jeans

If you want to take an easy-going vibe with a casual t-shirt of yours, then pair it with flare jeans as they are absolutely back in style. It compliments your look with the vibe bit of the ’70s. Opt for shimmer or striped materials that bring back the disco fever and avoid opting for dark jeans with solid colors. You can pair it up with a platform and make it look cute. Go for a neutral-toned jacket pairing it with a basic tee and striped flare pants that give a trendy yet classy look. 

Jeans and sneaker for street style

If you are looking for a perfect combo for the weekend, then skinny jeans and a graphic tee are appropriate. Graphic tees for women give elevation to your outfit, and when paired with sneakers, it gives instant confidence for some street style look. If you want to dress up more, then pair it with cute heels for that little extra attention. Pair it with tinted sunglasses or a hat to keep it away from feeling snoozy.

Over a maxi dress for a cool look 

For a super fresh, trendy look, throw on a crisp tee over a flowing maxi dress as it looks effortless and boho on its own. Maxi dresses are flattering in style but to give a new trendy look is what everyone is looking for. It gives you a fun and totally cool unexpected look when you tie over a tee and have fun layering. For a summer beach vibe, pair it with flat sandals and a neutral-toned hat.

Accessories to balance the simplicity 

Accessories always lift up the outfit. Simple swap with trendy accessories, and it adds energy to the simplest outfit. If you wear leggings and a t-shirt with a large funky earring brings attention to your face. Bold earrings like these leopard disc earrings draw attention to your eyes and smile, which balances out your tee’s simpleness. Sweep your hair back and grab a clutch, and you are ready for a date night in a flash.

Distressed jeans for a casual look

If your tee is slightly oversized, then the trick is slightly to tuck it in the jeans and make it look more polished. Pair it with distressed jeans, and heading out for a night with friends, grab a top handle bag or a crossbody bag and rock your look with simple casual comfy wear. The more effortlessly you tuck in, the more it will look good. You will be in the limelight for that street style chic look when styled it correctly with a distressed jeans outfit.

Wrapping it up

Dressing up with t-shirts brings out more creativity to your outfit while staying comfy and making your look put together. Try out these outfit combinations that you probably wouldn’t have attempted before, and it really doesn’t take that much effort to create a fun look. Graphic tees for women are easily dressed up or down and very comfortable to wear. Let the accessories do the talking and let your attire shine from an online trendy boutique.


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