How To DIY Clean Your Vinyls

Vinyl records are seen as the very first tool to record sound and music. A lot of people like to collect vinyl records of their favourite albums from old times and even in recent times. However, the big frustrating problem you will face is listening to those clicks, hiss, noise, and other things while playing this vinyl. This usually happens when these vinyl records are dirty. The surface of this vinyl is covered with a lot of dirt and rubbish that makes it impossible for that poor tiny stylus of the record player to play the vinyl smoothly without disturbing noises. Thus, people often look for the best way to clean records which are obviously getting these records cleaned through a cleaning machine. However, it may cost you a lot, but there is no need to worry there are plenty of other DIY methods to do that cost-effectively. Firstly you need to keep and look after these records carefully. In case you fail to do that, you have got some good tools to perform the cleaning job for you. You also need to clean your new records on a regular basis with these tools to keep them in perfect condition. These tools are not that much costly and you can easily afford them, further details are given below:

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth:

If you are facing budget issues and a good quality brush is out of your reach then try using a non-abrasive, microfibre cleaning cloth which may cost you around $8 to $17. You will find many retailers offering these types of clothes on the web. You can use this cloth to easily clean the vinyl records yourself. The great thing about these clothes is their ability to absorb oil and attract dust and grime particles.

Anti-Static Record Cleaning Brush:

The brush will clean your vinyls more efficiently as compared to a pad or cloth. There are a couple of reasons behind that, the first one is the ability of this brush to enter the grooves and remove underlying dirt, secondly, the nature of fibre type used in making these brushes. These fibres drain static electric charge that has the power to attract dust easily. This brush comes with a price tag of around $23.

Cleaning Mat:

This cleaning mat offers you an effective way to clean your vinyl record away from the turntable keeping your playing area safe from any dust and grime. This will help you in avoiding the risk of recontaminating the record again when the dust and grime on your playing area will get attached to the record. You can purchase this mat in just $24.  

Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush:

This is considered as a very common tool for the purpose of cleaning the records. The brush is quite easy to use and its flat wide surface area can cover more surface of your record and clean it in a quick time. You just need to place this brush on a rotating record and you will observe the dust build-up, just clean it off from the record after one or two complete rotations. This tool costs you around 38$ and you can purchase a couple of replacement pads in just $16.

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