How to detangle the knots?

Hair tangling happens to everyone but is more prominent in the following hair types:

✓ Damaged hair (Damage may be due to heat, sun, or bleach).
✓ Hair that’s susceptible to breakage.
✓ Brushed or scratched hair.
✓ Naturally curly hair.
✓ Dry hair.

Whatever may be the cause, the problems that the knots cause to an individual are difficult to deal with.

Below are a few ways that can help you detangle the worst knots with great ease.

1. Regularly condition your hair.

Conditioners are of great help in detangling the hair. The conditioner lubricates that hair, which is essential to remove the knots. Experts suggest applying the conditioner to dry hair. All you need to do is to pull the knot to the end of the hair and gently massage it with a conditioner. Use a considerable amount of conditioner into and on the knot, make sure not to break the hair.

2. Use detangling products.

A wide range of natural hair detangling products is available. Some prominent examples are shea moisture, Cantu coil calm detangler with shea butter, shea moisture jojoba oil, kinky curly knot today, and Garnier whole blend spray. Different detangling products are available for specific hair types. The use of such detangling products eases the removal of the worse knots.

3. Use detangling tools.

Detangling tools work exceptionally well in easing the process of detangling the knots. Investing in the right detangler tools, such as brushes and combs is a crucial step in tackling the tangled curls. For the naturally curly hair like 4C hair, investing in tools like hair weights for stretching natural hair could be a smart move. The hair weights stretch out the hair which enables it to be detangled. This is also great because it’s an alternative to brushing out the hair which can cause shedding or hair loss. So not only do you get your curls elongated, it’s detangled as well.

4. Oil the knots.

Oiling the knot smoothens the cuticle and strengthens the hair strands. Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil, mineral oil, rosemary oil, and tea tree oil are some of the natural oils used to detangle the hair. Oiling the hair regularly reduces the dryness of the hair and lessens the chances of hair shedding and tangling.

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