hangable hair extension boxes, How To Design Hangable Hair Extension Boxes As A Sweet Sight For Sour Eyes?

Hair extensions are one of the popular cosmetics. Hair extensions are using by people of all ages. It is most popular with TV actors who need to dress for a specific character. Also, teens use hair extensions for fun. Women used their hair to look more beautiful and heavier.

Hair extensions fall into the category of luxury cosmetics, and the packaging should also be luxurious. It is why most brands opt for custom hair extension packaging boxes. Make your mediocre product more attractive and see it in front of your customers. The custom box keeps hair extensions safe and keeps their shape without adding charm.

So Custom Hangable Hair Extension Packaging is made gorgeous and attractive. The quality of the box should be as premium as the hair extensions inside. So, while designing Luxury Hangable Hair Extension Boxes, you need to pay attention to the details.

The number of cosmetic brands on the market is countless. To compete in the market, you must have well-designed packaging boxes for hair extensions. That’s why brands should pay full consideration to the design of the hair extension boxes. Here are some guidelines on unique box designs that you can use for cosmetic packaging.

hangable hair extension boxes

Usage of vibrant colors with minimal packaging of hangable hair extension boxes!  

Minimalist packaging is the up-to-date trend, and that’s why it’s at the top of the current list. The minimal design usually comes with the colours sold for the contextual. You can add a combination of dual colours or diverse colours on the side of the box. If you design prudently, a hangable hair extension box can grip your customers’ attention.

Add a touch of metallic printing on hangable boxes!

Cosmetics are luxury goods that add beauty to individuality, and packaging should also add charm to the product. Metallic prints are one of the luxury choices for custom hair extension packaging boxes.

You can choose to print either:

• Gold leaf stamping

• Silver foil stamping

• Metal finish ink printing

• Embossing and debossing

Hangable Hair extension packaging can become a hot topic if you design the box the right way.

Use cheerful colors to add the long-lasting charming effect!

One of the simplest approaches to catch a customer thoughtfulness is to use bright colour contrast in the hangable packaging box of hair extensions. The colour should be striking and at ease for the customer’s eyes. Try different combinations to see if the box works on your retail shelves. Choose the correct colour mixture, and it will look great.

Hangable boxes with shade indicators!

Boxes with shade indicators can be your finest choice for packaging hair extensions. If you don’t want to add transparency, this option works the same. You can select the colour of the product as a solid colour on the box, or apply a colour spot on the top of the box to produce an exclusive design.

Addition of plastic window cutout!

Transparent or Clear as crystal packaging gives customers a glimpse of the product. You can select to add plastic windows to the front or side of the box. You can be sure that the buyer is buying exactly what they see so, that it will increase the customers’ trust in the brand.

hangable hair extension boxes

Choose print graphics and images!

Graphics or image printing works well in retail stores. Get your customers’ attention more immediately. A hair extension boxes with the image of a real girl or model can show your clients what it will look like with extensions. It can also serve as a marketing channel for your brand. The image should be of high quality with a great finish. You can also add some graphics to your box design.

Pick something trendy and stimulating!

Printing always grabs attention no matter which medium you use. When you visit a cosmetic store, you’ll see a simple, minimally packaged hair extension box. However, you can throw away the trend by adding something funky to the packaging. It can stimulate your customers to know the exclusive features of your product. If in doubt, you can try running a short sample.

Carefully choose the size that fits your box!

While organizing custom boxes wholesale, do your best to reduce the space that can be occupied by your store shelves due to bundles. Rather, emphasize the emphasis on the general appearance. The less space you can get a Hanging Hair Extension Boxes, the better it fits on the shelf, encouraging sellers to buy the item and put it on the shelf. Use a plan that is explicit to your industry.

Choose the accurate printing press for you!

After picking the shape, dimensions and material of your Hangable Hair Extension Boxes, find the right print and bundle configuration. Organizations should customize packaging according to their exact prerequisites. The printing business should have a short turnaround time at a very intensive cost.