How to Deal With Cultural Dysphoria When Studying Abroad

Getting into a reputable foreign institution is a dream come true for every student, what they don’t prepare you for is the massive cultural shock that comes with the experience. Each year, universities all over the world take in a massive number of students from all over the world, this means that people from vastly different cultural backgrounds will co-exist in the university for the next three to four years. While this seems like a great way of experiencing other cultures, a lot of these students face a cultural shock in their new environment. This can lead to a lot of problems like alienation, inability to fit in and other resulting issues. here are a few tips that might help froing students adjust in a new environment:

Use a Chat Translation Messenger

Messengers such as NEEO have the ability to translate messages into any number of languages. One of the biggest issues faced by foreign students is the lack of proper understanding of the local languages. In order to better communicate is a country which does not speak your language, such features can be God sent. From communicating with your peers to helping you navigate through everyday living, it is easier for one to adjust in a place where they are able to communicate with those around them. It gives you control of your own life. You can go out to a restraint or shopping on your own without having to fear that people will not understand you.

Read up on local cultures

Where ever you decide to go, it is vital for you to understand the local customs and trends. Doing your research can help you better prepare for what the particular country has in store for you. This will make is easier for you to adjust and reduce the shock factor that comes with encountering a culture different from yours making the transition easier for you. Not being aware of local etiquettes and values can prove to be problematic. So look up the respective country online, find people or online communities of people who have been there before you and educate yourself so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Be open to new experiences

The best part about going to school in another country is that you get to experience their customs one-on-one. You become a part of the people and get to live out a life style completely different than yours. This is extremely beneficial in giving you a new perspective to life. It can open you up to possibilities that you had never considered before. Probably one of the biggest perks of studying abroad is the opportunities and gateways that open up for if you are willing to let them. It can be intimidating at first but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it.

Find your people 

An important aspect of adjusting to like in a foreign country is to build a community. Find people you click with and socialize. It’s ok if you don’t speak the same language, you could always use a Chat Translation Messenger like NEEO to understand each other. Social circles with people from different cultures in itself is an interesting experience. If you’re not comfortable with that concept just yet, its ok to stick to people from home because chances are, you will find plenty. None the less, find your people and navigate the foreign terrain together. It is important to not isolate yourself no matter how intimidated you get because isolation will keep you from experiencing all that the new possibilities of studying abroad has to offer.

Join a society

Every institution has plenty of extracurricular programs that might interest you. Joining one or more of these societies will increase your exposure and keep you engaged. It may be a society related to something that is familiar to you, or you could always go for finding new interests. This is the best time to explore yourself and find out what your hidden potential is. You will have plenty of opportunities, and people willing to help you be a part of them.

This is a sure-shot way of making sure you have a social life and as well as something to blow off steam with when things get rough. You never know what you have inside of you waiting to be explored. Going to another country can be very intimidating especially if you are not the traveling sort, but at the end of the day, what you gain from it outweighs its cons. It will always be worth it to get out of your comfort zone and find yourself in a foreign land.

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