How to Customize System Preferences on Mac and Remove App

When you install third-party apps and utilities, they automatically change and customize system preferences on your Mac. These settings are automatically applied to your Mac’s ‘System Preferences’ app. Some of these preferences may be useful however others may hamper your system performance and fill it with clutter.

Though it’s easy to remove these unwanted system preferences panes but only if you are aware of how to clean junk on Mac and customize system preferences. But you need to be careful with these tweaks as one wrong move can complicate the situation if the app behind the preference pane is buggy, broken or particularly stubborn. Here are a few tweaks and fixes to this problem.

Remove Third-party Preference Pane

These quick steps will guide you in removing unwanted thirty-party preference panes.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Apple’ logo from your Mac’s menu bar on top of the screen.

Step 2. Click on ‘System Preferences’ and a new window shall pop up on your screen.

Step 3. Press the ‘Control’ key and click on the third-party preference pane that you want to remove. Once prompted, click on ‘Remove…’

Step 4. This should remove the preference panes from the library.

Delete Preference Pane Leftover

At times, these preference panes are not completely removed from the system and they leave traces behind. And these traces can’t be easily removed manually. We may need to use top Mac cleaning software to get rid of this clutter. Every third-party preference pane creates a corresponding (.prefpane) file. Here is how you can find and remove them.

Step 1. Open ‘Finder’ window to start looking for prefpane file.

Step 2. Click on ‘Go’ and select ‘Go to Folder’ on the menu bar. A new window will come up.

Step 3. As the preference pane files leftover may be available in all the users we will go to the universal library. Type (/Library/PreferencePanes) without brackets.

Step 4. Click on Go button and it will find and display all the Preference Panes with .prefpane file extensions.

Step 5. If you want to delete all, you can select all and drag them to the trash, else select the desired one that you wish to remove and drag it to the trash.

“Please Note: Once you are done with this, if you believe that Preference Panes are only available in your account, you can follow the same steps with a different folder location. In Step 3. Type (~HomeFolder/Library/PreferencePanes) without brackets and follow the same process to remove selected preference panes from your user account.”

You don’t need to make these changes too often as setting up customizing system preference pane is required when you set up a new user account or when you wish to delete clutter from your dock. Manual removal may remove some of the important system preference pane settings that are irreversible. It is advised to use the best app to clean Mac to optimize these settings as per your requirements.

Using Best App to Clean Mac

Top Mac cleaning software not only manages these settings but can also optimize your Mac to give its best performance. Smart Mac Care and TuneupMyMac are one of the best Mac optimization software that can set it up for you.

Smart Mac Care: This is a perfect Mac cleaning and an optimizing suite that can remove malware infections, unwanted junk files and privacy traces from your device. It is compatible with OS X 10.9 or later and removed malware, spyware, adware and other threats from your Mac.

The ‘Junk Scan’ feature smartly finds and removes cache files, log files, trash etc. from your Mac. Ese Those who don’t know how to clean junk on Mac can recover a significant amount of space on their storage drive by removing this clutter using these top Mac cleaning software.

TuneupMyMac: does exactly what it says. Apart from the above features, it can also run a privacy scan on all the installed browsers on your Mac and remove internet history, cookies and application cache just with a single click. You can speed up your Mac performance by optimizing the system settings and cleaning unwanted files.

It is compatible with OS X 10.7 or later to delete sensitive and confidential data securely from your Mac. It cleans up cache files, temporary files, log files, unused language files, duplicate files, uninstaller application files and all clutter from your Mac. It also optimizes your start-up apps, and your internet privacy settings, and old download files that are not necessary for your device anymore.

The duplicate file remove removes all the duplicate files created on your system like documents, photos, videos, music or other file formats that are created accidentally on your system. This program has an inbuilt shredder that deletes all the unwanted files securely that can never be recoverable.

 Wrapping Up

Manual optimization requires constant cleaning and regular scanning to keep your computer as good as new. But it is a time taking exercise that requires us to follow each and every step with care. Best Mac optimization software can do it all just with a single click without you spending much time in optimization. It can work in background and you can continue with your work. These best app to clean Mac are one of the top Mac cleaning software that comes with all in one pack. If you are not sure how to clean junk on Mac, you can keep your Mac clutter-free and optimize it with one of these top Mac cleaners.

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