How to Create an Online Income Stream That Can Survive a Pandemic

Since the beginning of the year 2020, the fear and stress have troubled everyone. The word COVID-19 is the hot subject of the year. Several business losses have been observed due to this pandemic. Suddenly, we are now forced to live a new and ugly lifestyle with no social activities. Everyone is protecting himself. Earlier, social activity was considered one of the healthiest activities. Now, pandemic situations are promoting social distancing. The perspective of each individual has changed these days due to this pandemic.

The current situations have affected both business owners and corporate job employees. Few are performing their job roles remotely, while others are planning to shut down their complete operations. Such situations have affected an economy across the globe. Therefore, now every business is trying to change its strategies according to the situation. Traditional businesses are trying to shift towards online platforms to generate more revenue. In this article, we will be discussing how to create an online income stream to survive in a situation like COVID-19.


The following are some useful ways to create an online income stream:


The current pandemic situations have forced many established traditional businesses to move towards online platforms. Currently, almost every business is closed except online businesses. So why not introduce your business to online platforms. We are not only discussing the big corporations, even small businesses can show their online presence via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can also implement a video marketing strategy by creating a channel on YouTube. Numerous essay writing services have proved that an online presence can increase more sales as compared to old traditional business strategies.

Currently, many successful businesses are also introducing their brand on some else’s podcast due to their high ratings and huge audience pool. There are hundreds of podcasts that go on-air each week. You just need to find out high rated influencers from your niche.

Attending various online conferences can also be a profitable step for any business. Such events guide the business as to how you can modify your strategies based on the current scenarios of the world. You can easily check the upcoming conferences on social media platforms or from web browsing. Several business owners have tasted success from such conferences. They get an opportunity to learn new ideas for business growth.

A business can also contribute and introduce themselves to such conferences. For that, a business would be required to contact the conference organizers via email or a phone call. Undoubtedly, introducing business in front of a huge crowd is always a productive strategy. Such an introduction to an event is free promotion for any business.

If you are having difficulties in contacting a conference organizer, then this should not be a big issue for you. There are a lot of better options for a business to promote itself. You can also arrange your conference and invite popular influencers to your online event. Through this way, a business can share new ideas and promote its products or services in front of a reputable audience. Such an online conference does not require any sorts of investments. Additionally, an event can be done at the comforts of your home.


This is what most of the skilled professionals are doing nowadays. Suppose a well-known web developer has written a blog post regarding the importance and scope of web development. By using this technique, he can gain traffic due to authentic content. Once the audience pool is built, he would then convince the traffic to sign up for an online course. This is how the professionals are trying to attract audiences and selling their online courses. Such a technique is the smartest way to earn money in the modern period. Lots of experts have established online academy or courses to teach relevant skills.

Writing a blog to gather an audience is not the only way to earn money online in present times. You can implement a video marketing strategy as well. We all know that YouTube is the second popular search engine after Google. Many skilled professionals have started their YouTube channels and teaching relevant skills to the world in these pandemic situations. YouTube allows you to earn money from Google ad sense. The amount of money that is received is based on the number of views per video. Several assignment writers can provide you cheap assignment regarding how Google algorithm is performed.


COVID-19 pandemic has massively promoted freelance jobs. Numerous people have lost their jobs in 2020 due to COVID-19. But, they did not lose hopes and instead many of them joined various freelance platforms by picking up their specialized skills. Some famous freelance marketplaces that are famous amongst the freelancers are Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and People per hour. These freelance markets have supported freelancers a lot in monetary terms. Once you satisfy a client then he won’t be going anywhere. In this manner, the cash flow of a freelancer rolls over the month.

There are various advantages of freelance platforms. Most importantly, you are working at home with your schedules. Additionally, the pay can be unlimited based on your experience and skills. This is a great option to work and earn money online in these pandemic situations. But, one thing is to be taken care of that each freelance market has its own rules and regulations. If such rules are not followed strictly, then the freelance market place has an authority to terminate you from the platform.

The lesson that COVID-19 has given us that everyone should try to upgrade their business and skills. The situation won’t be the same as it was before 5 years. A pandemic situation has proved that traditional business cannot last long. A business would be required to shift towards online platforms. Otherwise, it will be difficult for your business to compete with your competitors. Additionally, a business or an individual without any technical knowledge won’t be able to survive in this technological world, where everyone is trying to earn the money online.

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