How to clean printer ink and toner off your hands and fabrics

Don’t get panic if ink or toner get spilled on your hands while completing your important printing task. It can be cleaned and removed away by implementing some ways. Sometimes, even replacing or refilling a cartridge the printer ink gets spilled off and your hands get dirty. You needn’t get worried about such situations. There’s a solution to everything either big or small!

Just read on the post and see how you can clean printer ink or toner from your hands and fabrics. Below we are going to explain some interesting ways that nobody ever told you and you heard of. 

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  1. 7 Amazing Ways To Clean Printer Ink And Toner’s Spills

7 Amazing Ways To Clean Printer Ink And Toner’s Spills

  1. Nail Polish Remover

It is a common accessory that almost everyone keeps in their homes. After all, it is essential for ladies’ makeup kits! If it is not available in your home, then you can purchase it from any cosmetic shop. Rubbing it on the affected hand’s area or fabric will remove all the ink’s spots and make it clean thoroughly. On our recommendation, try it out and then see the results. 

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural product that can work wonders too. Although, you may not have it in your office or home but using it few drops can remove all the ink’s spoils and spots from your hands. Scrub it gently on the area where the ink has dropped off and remembered one thing, it will never give instant results. You have to rub it till it removes all the spots thoroughly. Its fragrance is so lovely you will really enjoy it rubbing on the effects area. 

  1. Rub Alcohol

Another one of the natural products you can make use to remove ink’s spots is alcohol. Pour some drops of alcohol in a bowl and rub smoothly on the affected hand or fabric’s area. Rub it until it lightens the post and removes the ink completely. Be sure to use lotion on the hand after you apply alcohol. Because alcohol contains some harsh chemicals that can burn your skin but trust us it will surely remove all the ink’s spots. 

  1. Use Baby Oil

Baby oil is another one of the essential items that almost everyone keeps in their homes. Using baby oil on the affected area will also help you remove ink or toner’s spills. It will make your skin soft like baby skin and make your hand and fabric clean like nothing has been spotted over them.  

  1. Bleach 

Bleach can also help you remove printer ink or toner spots from the hands or fabric. Mix bleach in some water and apply on the fabric or hand. Rub it gently until all the spots are gone. When you realize the spots are removed then wash your hand or fabric and squeeze a lemon or an orange. Don’t forget that bleach is a caustic substance and should be used with proper caution.

  1. Use Hairspray

Spraying hairspray on the affected area can also help you remove ink spots and spoils in the one-go. Spray it and let it dissolve in the ink or toner completely so it distracts the spots from the bottom of your skin or fabric and leaves it smooth. Wash your hand or fabric after your spray it & all the ink spots gathered on the affected area. Wipe off it with a clean cloth and then feel the smoothness of your skin. There will be no remaining spot or ink spill. 

  1. Goop Hand Cleaner

Goop hand cleaner is another widely used product that is famous for removing ink or toner spills. You can find it easily on the home discount store and then use it for the effective results.

Apart from these 7, there are many more products or remedies that you can use to remove toner or ink’s spills. But these are the highly recommended and the well-tried ways that we want you to try once. 


If you think that you use a Cheap Printer Cartridge that’s why your ink or toner gets spills off. Then, let us tell you it is natural! While replacing the ink cartridges or refilling the ink, it’s common to spill off the ink on your hands or fabric. There is nothing to get worried about! 

Whether you use cheap ink/toner or Hp Toner, it’s quite obvious to spill off some drops of ink. Therefore, instead of wasting time blaming yourself that you have bought an incompatible toner cartridge or inkjet cartridge, adapt the right ways to get rid of it. Remove the spoils and spots implementing the above-mentioned easy and then see the results. 

We hope you surely try out the above way and are easily able to remove ink spots. 

Happy Reading! 

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