To play, you need a good PC with adequate components, but you should not neglect accessories such as the mouse or the keyboard. However, in the gaming market you can find anything and everything, the choice is quite difficult, and we will try to see together the accessories that can correspond to the kind of games you play.


Very often neglected, the keyboard is nevertheless very important! Indeed, this one will allow you to move or launch actions, but it must be reactive, because there is nothing more frustrating than losing a part because of a gap between what we want to do and what is happening on the screen.

Wired or wireless?

A debate still very present among the players even if the technologies have evolved. Indeed, the response time between the moment you press a key and the response to the screen is essential, which is why the wired wins a battle.

The other downside with the wireless keyboard is its battery life … You always have to keep an eye on the state of charge and you have to recharge it or change the batteries so as not to run out in the middle of the game. Advantage once again for the wired keyboard when it comes to customization.

Nowadays, manufacturers have adopted LED back lighting, which is an additional source of consumption for a wireless keyboard, which is why it is found on wired gaming keyboards. Does this change anything in the ergonomics or in the way of playing? No not really, it’s a matter of taste.

Mechanical or classical keyboard (membranes)?

The first thing that sets them apart is definitely the noise it makes when you hit them. The first, the mechanical keyboard, gives the impression of typing on a typewriter, while the second, the classic keyboard, using membranes, is much quieter and also allows for flat keys. The other special feature is the feel and speed of execution of the action between a membrane keyboard and a mechanical keyboard.

The pressure that must be exerted on a conventional keyboard (membranes) must be greater while on a mechanical keyboard it must be weak, no need to press like a nag.

The only downside to the mechanical keyboard is the price, which is way above it, but its lifespan is much longer, so all in all, the mechanics are a much better choice.

The different switches

You should know that on a mechanical keyboard the system is very different from that with membranes and when we talk about switches or switches it gets complicated. Designed by Cherry, one of the first in the field to create a color code to better recognize them and each color has its own characteristics.

Red or black: They are more suited to FPS-type games because the travel between the button and the switch is linear and does not have an activation click. The difference between red and black is the amount of pressure you have to exert, 45g for red and 60g for black. See the list of gaming mouse.

Brown or “Clear”: In general, those who prefer this kind of touch are MMO players or those who do office automation. The race is progressive. For brown, the pressure required starts at 45 g and ends at 55 g. For the “Clear” it starts at 55g up to 65g.

Blue: These are tactile keys with an activation click when pressed, a mix of the above two technologies. This type of switch is ideal for typing.

To disengage from Cherry, manufacturers are building their own switches. For example, at Steel Series we talk about Switch QS1, at Logitech of ROMER-G keys and at Razer of Switch Clicky & Silent.

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