How To Choose The Right Sanitary Pad?

Not all women suffer from bloating or food cravings during periods, but just about every woman has at least one of the other embarrassing tale to tell about the time her period leaked. If it was a public leak, well, then the story is possibly even more memorable than a general leak spring during sleep. Isn’t it one of your nightmares? Well, there is only a single solution to it, and that’s choosing the right sanitary pad.

Tips to Find the Perfect Sanitary Pad

Every woman is unique, and so is your body’s way of reacting to periods. That’s why here are a few useful tips for finding the perfect sanitary pad that fits all your needs and budget:

Have Different Sizes of Pads: Did you know that sanitary pads come in various sizes, lengths, and front-back coverages to meet your specific protection needs? A longer daytime napkin or using a well-designed night time pad can expand the coverage front to back and minimize the leaks. Before you buy, ensure to know the right sanitary pads price and see what fits your budget the best. Whether you want a pad with wings or without, thick or thin pads, there are numerous options available to suit your shape and flow.

Keep a Variety of Pads: As your flow is not entirely the same throughout your period, thus, utilizing the same type of sanitary pads for all days doesn’t seem like the best option. You can select different sanitary pads with various absorbances which can cater to the needs during your cycle, for both heavy-flow and light-flow days.

Look for the Materials Used: Most of the sanitary pads can lead to skin rashes or infection. So, ensure to do proper research about what you’re buying. You can even consult your gynaecologist and search for materials that are super soft, skin-friendly and suitable for your skin. Be more cautious if you have sensitive skin and are prone to infections. Invest in eco-friendly sanitary napkins rather than sanitary pads with fragrances. These pads contain chemicals that may smell pleasant but could lead to rashes.

Know your Period Cycle: Understanding your body and periods is a primary part in selecting the right pad matching your menstrual cycle of what you need. Each girl has different kinds of periods, be it the flow, duration, pain or cravings. Keep in mind that leak-free periods are no myth if you have the perfect pad coverage.

Thickness Matters?: Most cheap pads are generally quite thick, which means they’re visible under body-fit jeans or pants. Also, such pads are square-shaped, which isn’t very convenient or comfortable. The absorbing powers of such pads are also limited. It means you’d want to replace them more often. However, don’t be lured by the super expensive brands. Many brands offer not too thin or too thick sanitary pads that feel comfortable and don’t leak.

Organic or Not?: Well, mostly all the ordinary disposable sanitary pads may contain chemicals and toxins. Since there are no mandatory ingredients mentioned on the package, what pads are precisely made of is a well-kept secret. That’s quite strange for an item used so close to the vagina, one of the most absorbing areas of the body. No wonder numerous new ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly’ brands are being launched. Keeping the environment in mind, brands have started manufacturing eco-friendly sanitary napkins at small-scale levels. They are approved for their quality through appropriate testing techniques to ensure 100% hygiene.

To sum it up, till now, almost 60% of women around the world wear the wrong pad and experience leak issues. So, understand your body and its needs to have a healthier and more fertile menstrual cycle. If you have no idea what is the right pad for you, don’t hesitate in consulting your chosen doctor. Find the best coverage and comfort pad by employing the tips mentioned above. Keep in mind, the better the fit, the better the period protection.

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