How to Choose the Right Fabric for Pants

Moving from the post-work from the home era or for some of us who are still stuck in that continuum, the line between at-home and office attire became blurred and we collectively started seeking something ever-so-comfortable yet chic to go for below the waist, preparing for the off chance we might have to run an errand or make impromptu plans with friends.

Of course, a great pair of pants need to be paired with a worthy enough top and some statement jewellery to feel ready enough for the day. A loose-fitting, relaxed pair of pants are not only practically effortless but also look immaculate chic in a Phoebe Philo kind of way. For us women, pants made of cotton may just be the showstopper of our home-work movie, these are loose but don’t look sloppy, and they’re billowy but not extremely voluminous. Hence, cotton pants for women strike the perfect balance between looking put together and comfortable. 

Now, you might know off cotton pants to be hiding away under your kurta (the classic traditional wear), however, if you wish to, dressing it down with a wrap-around top or a spaghetti strap top, they feel anything but traditional. 

It’s important to choose the right fabric especially when it comes to pants. It needs to drape consistently and cleanly, throwing a nice and clean sharp line that retains irrespective of all the bending and stretching, even as you sit, stretch or walks. Some natural stretch like twill (cotton) are naturally dense which makes it easier for the cloth to retain its shape after pressure is applied to it.

Cotton is a natural woven fabric and possibly the best fabric choice for any sort of garment especially women pants. It is breathable making it perfect for hot temperatures. Adding to that fact, it is durable and easy to maintain. 

Here are some types of look that you can easily opt for if you are looking for some nice pant styles:

For your classic traditional pairings, go for broad pants.

Here are 5 reasons why cotton would be the right fabric for your pants

  • Cotton is a natural fabric that has been preferred by generations. The best part about cotton fabric is that it can be converted into anything to create the perfect ensemble. The human race has been wearing cotton since 5000 BC. Today, despite the modern world that has a myriad of synthetic fibres to choose from, cotton is still the most used natural fibre in the whole world. 
  • Cotton fabric can be worn on almost any occasion. Whether its a work attire or sports clothing, cotton fabric can be used in every piece of clothing. Any garment no matter for what occasion feels light to wear when it is made of cotton fabric. Depending on the knitted or woven fabric design, cotton is used in making chambray,  Kota Doria, twill, voile, corduroy, denim, velour and lace materials. 
  • Cotton is strong and durable. Moreover, other fibres require delicate handling while cotton is the best choice if your clothes are subject to rough usage. Get down and dirty with cotton and like magic, a simple wash can remove almost all the stains. The strong fabric makes all the clothes durable for a much longer time. If the quality of the fabric is good, the colour doesn’t fade away and will look as good as new even after a few washes. 
  • Cotton keeps you cool and most importantly it is breathable. Wearing cotton is especially good for your skin as it can breathe comfortably. It also keeps you cool during the scorching hot weather that awaits us in this country. Cotton is also the perfect material to workout in since it absorbs sweat due to its moisture-wicking properties. It is for this reason that cotton is the ideal choice of fabric for pants made for women.
  • Cotton is an odour free fabric which makes it is an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin whereas most of the other fabrics are oil-based which is why it doesn’t absorb sweat and the garment retains its odour.  So if you have a busy schedule you can save yourself a few trips to the washer since you have the benefit of wearing cotton multiple time before having to wash. This fact in itself makes cotton environment friendly by saving energy, water and time by wearing cotton more.
  • Cotton is low maintenance as it is a naturally occurring material that requires very little care. All you need to get rid of the stains is use an appropriate stain remover on the spot that has tough stains and leave the rest of the work to your washing machine. Unless otherwise specified in the care instructions, the cotton fabric normally doesn’t require dry cleaning and you could simply hang the clothes out to dry.

If you are looking to spice up your casual days and even your office wear, go for straight pants that magically look great with everything.

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