How to Choose the Right 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa School

One of the biggest desires of aspiring yogis from across the world is to do their yoga teacher training in India. The reason is not hard to see. India is the place where yoga was born. It is a matter of great prestige for people if they receive Yoga Alliance teacher training India. But not everybody is able to adapt to the strict lifestyle in the yoga schools of traditional places like Rishikesh, Dharamsala and Mysore.

Thus, Goa is the best option for them. Goa is far more relaxed than the others and provides a far more inclusive learning style. Even for Indian students, Goa is a great option if you are not keen about learning the ascetic way. Plus, who doesn’t love to visit Goa anyway? Visiting Goa to simultaneously learn yoga and spend a holiday is a great way to get two birds with one stone.

But it is important that you choose the right school for your 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa. Otherwise, all your time, money and effort will be in vain. Most of the yoga schools in Goa are international-grade. However, besides quality, there are a lot of other factors that one should count before choosing a school for your yoga teacher training course in Goa.

Some of these are very important as they will determine the quality of the yoga teacher training in Goa. Others will simply make your stay pleasant and your learning convenient. Whether someone recommends a school to you or you search for one on the Internet, always remember certain important points. We have discussed these points in the section below.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa

25 Day 200-hr Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Goa, India

To make the most of your 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa while having a wonderful time, use these key points when choosing your school:

  • The first and foremost thing you must ensure is that the yoga TTC Goa school has Yoga Alliance India certification. Without this, your 200-hour YTTC may not get recognition elsewhere.
  • Always read the syllabus of the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Goa thoroughly. While the basic parts of the syllabus will be the same, the topics or hour allocations may vary. It depends on which style of yoga the school specializes in and which part of the curriculum they stress on.
  • Make sure that the teaching style and yoga specialization of the trainers align with your own goals. Many people choose the school or YTTC solely on the basis of the trainers.
  • Check the menu and diet that the school will provide. It will usually be vegetarian. But what you need to check is if you have allergies or food restrictions against any of those.
  • Check the daily schedule that the YTTC will follow. It gives an insight into how you will be learning yoga.
  • Make sure the yoga school is in a well-connected location. The transport and communication system should be ample and easy there.
  • If you are choosing to stay outside the school, ensure that there are good options for accommodation as well as food around the school.
  • Try to choose your 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa in the peak yoga season of November to March. This is the most pleasant time to visit Goa.

Why Should You Choose Goa for Your Yoga Alliance Teacher Training India

Goa is one of the top locations when it comes to Yoga Alliance teacher training India. It has become one of the prime spots for yoga teacher training in India. Not only does it have some of the best yoga schools in India, but all of them are also world-standard. The teachers are world-renowned and the courses are well-rounded. The schools follow the international style of teaching and are thus, easier to adapt to. It does not follow the frugal yogic lifestyle of the Rishikesh and Dharamsala schools or the strick teaching methods of Mysore. The relaxed environment is also more conducive to learning for life. Yet, all the courses cost a fraction of the yoga teacher training courses elsewhere in the world.

Moreover, the living cost in Goa is low too. You will find ample accommodation options in Goa besides the quarters in the school itself. The multi-cultural cuisine of Goa is a joy for foodies. There are loads of tourist spots that you can visit in Goa. But the biggest attraction is still the pristine beaches of Goa. Transport and communication systems are well-connected, so you will never have a problem going to places or staying in touch. The pleasant coastal weather suits people more than the cold hills or the warm inland climate.

How to Find the Best Yoga School in Goa

You will find a large number of options when it comes to 200-hour yoga teacher training Goa. Use the guidelines above when you are shortlisting your options. This will ensure that no matter which school you choose, you will end up with a great one. You will find that among these, one of the top options is Maha Mukti Yoga School. It has always been one of the top names when it comes to Yoga Alliance teacher training India.

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