How to choose the drilling Machine?

How to choose the drilling Machine?

Robust tool for making large holes, the drill is designed for drilling into concrete and rock. Depending on the material you need to drill, you can choose between a thermal drill or an electric drill.

What is a drilling machine?

In steel or high-strength metal, the drill makes holes easily and cleanly on different types of substrates such as concrete, stone, concrete … this technique is called diamond drilling. This is a high precision technique!

What is diamond drilling?

Diamond drilling is carried out thanks to a diamond tip on the drilling machine. It is thanks to this tip that you can perceive the sensation of ease and strength. The diamond drilling technique achieves a higher quality work than what would be obtained using a demolition hammer or a classic drill. This technique allows drilling up to 1000 mm deep.

What is a drill for?

The drilling machine is used to:

  • Making openings – to place electrical boxes, arrange air conditioning tools
  • Carry out the passage of pipes
  • Take rock samples to study them at a geological level.

And then there are so many other reasons to use a drill!

What are the advantages of a diamond drill?

The diamond drilling machine has many advantages:

  • Reduced vibrations
  • No dust
  • It’s not noisy

In addition, the diamond drill also has the ability to make bigger and more precise holes! It’s all about precision down to the millimeter!

What are the different types of drill rigs?

There are three types of drill rigs:

  • The perforator to be fixed imperatively
  • The portable drill – used for making small holes
  • The drilling machine for cutting – is the only drilling machine that is equipped with a heat engine, it is normally used outside for renovation works.

Why are there the dry drill and the water drill?

The water cools any drilling action and eliminates the possibility of dust rising. The dry drilling machine is recommended for interior work, where it is then possible to use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dust produced. For all external and large works, the water drill is recommended.

What are the criteria for choosing the drilling rig?

Three criteria must be considered when choosing a drill: the frequency of use, the place of use and the depth of the drilling.

  • Intensive use: prefer a column drilling machine for an intense frequency of use and / or for a drilling diameter greater than 182 mm. Instead, use a basic portable drill.
  • Internal use: favor the use of a dry auger to avoid having to clean up the dust scattered everywhere!
  • Depth: choose a powerful drill to make deep holes: at least 4000W

Can a drill be attached?

Yes and it is often recommended! There are several ways to fix a drill: with hooks, with suction cups or with a base. Follow the guide!

  • Hooks: recommended for perfect and precise drilling, vertical or horizontal so that the drilling rig is perfectly stable;
  • Suction cups: used when hooks cannot be used. Through the suction cup it is possible to fix the drilling machine on the work surface, preferably smooth and non-porous;
  • Base: normally made of aluminum, it allows you to use the drill without having to fix it

The maintenance?

First of all you need to know that the most important part of a drill is the motor. The drill bit must be cleaned after use. Furthermore, the lubrication of the various parts of the auger is also important.

One last tip?

It is highly recommended to use a water drill if conditions permit. In fact, water drilling allows the drill to cool and eliminates the remains of the perforated material: this means that the drill can be used for longer! It is also recommended to use protective equipment when using a drill, such as gloves, ear muffs and safety shoes.