How to choose the best sunglasses to protect your eyes

A quality pair of sunglasses serves a very important purpose in your daily life. When you rely on prescription lenses to see, your shades will make all the difference when you step outside on a particularly bright and sunny day. When picking out the best prescription sunglasses to fit your needs, it is vital that you take a few factors into consideration. Explore this guide and learn more about how easy it is to pick out a pair of glasses that protect you and help you live your best life.

UV Protection Is Key

Though there are a few angles to consider when buying shades, the most important factor to take into account is UV protection. The entire point of wearing sunglasses is to shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. What most consumers do not realize, however, is that there are varying degrees at which lenses block out UV rays. To get the most protection from your glasses, it is recommended to look for glasses that feature 100% protection from both UV-A and UV-B rays.

Size Does Matter

Have you ever seen someone wearing a pair of sunglasses that appears extravagantly large? Though it may seem like a fashion statement, there is a good reason to go big when you’re picking out your glasses. The bigger the shades, the more surface area of your face is shielded from light. While predominantly aimed at the eyes themselves, prescription sunglasses are also a practical way of protecting the skin located around your eyes. Find a stylish pair that is slightly bigger than traditional glasses and it can go far to keep you safe.

Consider Extra Features

Some glasses boast features that can be appealing for your lifestyle. For example, you might be someone who spends a lot of time outside near large bodies of water. Whether you like to fish or take your boat out for a spin, you likely experience a ton of glare from light reflecting off the water. To reduce the impact of this, consider a polarization treatment for your glasses. Polarized lenses cut glare and improve you field of vision so that a bit of sunlight doesn’t ruin your day out on the lake.

Factor in Your Face Shape

Though not the most important point to consider, the style of the frames can also play a big part in how you feel about your eyewear. Experts suggest selecting your frames based on the shape of your face. Typically, going the opposite direction of your natural shape with the frames is the best choice. For example, someone with a square jaw should aim for glasses with rounded frames. While there’s no rule saying you must follow these guidelines, you’re likely to enjoy how the glasses complement your face when you take shape into account.

There are a number of different points to think about before you purchase a new pair of prescription glasses. To give yourself a better idea of the options available, take a moment to explore the inventory at Safety Gear Pro. In no time, you’ll be ready to pick out shades that protect you and enhance your overall appearance.

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