How to Choose the Best Running Shoes

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes

People are more concerned about their body especially their foot, those days were running barefoot were common are long gone. Today, more people know the fact that running barefoot could have several consequences. The demand, as well as the number of running shoe models, have grown with this fact. Today, choosing the best running shoe is a time-consuming and challenging process. However, if you are planning to purchase a running shoe today, these are the factors that you should not overlook.

  1. Frequency of your running session –

There are different types of running shoes available today, some of them designed for very frequent use, some of them medium frequent use, and some of them for limited use. First, you need to decide the frequency, are you going to use the shoe daily, or twice in a week or thrice in a week or is it just for s specific period only. Based on these basic requirements and your budget shortlist a few running shoes.

  • The intensity of your running –

The intensity of running here refers to the maximum speed at which you are planning to run or job. Running shoes could be used for both running or jogging. Based on the user’s intensity, you should purchase an appropriate running shoe. Remember, a running shoe should be comparatively more cushioned and comfortable to wear. If you are planning to jog, then comparatively less cushioned shoes are compatible.

  • Type of running surface –

Remember, different running shoes are available based on the type of running surface.

  1. Road or plain surface running – running shoes designed for this type of surface would be lightweight, stable, and flexible. Look for running shoes with these features.
  2. Treadmill or indoor running – treadmill or indoor running shoes should be flexible, breathable, and lightweight. Look for these features.
  3. Rough or trail surface running – this type of running shoes should have a rough sole, flexible body, and very excellent grip.
  • Size –

One of the common mistakes that most people make while purchasing a running shoe is the size. Most people overlook the fact that feet expand while running and purchasing a perfect size would be a waste as it could compress your feet too much and cause pain. This is why you must consider purchasing a running shoe that is either flexible or with one size larger than your required size.

  • Brand and price –

Purchase a premium brand product only if you require such a running shoe. Most of the premium brands market running shoes under 2000 or premium price, go for such premium products only if you love wearing premium running shoes. Do not assume that premium running shoes are the only ones that offer quality, this is not true. Other brands offer budget products that do not lack quality and could compete with premium running shoes in terms of quality and features.

Now, these are some of the common factors that you need to consider while purchasing a running shoe. However, if you want the running shoes to be perfect, consult a foot expert, and get their recommendation.