How to Choose the Best Custom Golf Shaft

Unlike most sports, golf allows each individual player to use personal equipment that they’re comfortable with. From the type of golf ball that you’ll be swinging at to the clubs in your golf bag, there are infinite possibilities of customizable combinations. Every golfer has their favorite club in their collection that they rely on throughout the course. It is difficult to pinpoint the “perfect” golfclub because there are many different versions for varying levels of expertise. Even at the professional level, each golfer has their own personal preference. The important thing is to have the best club that works for you. That all starts with the proper golf shaft.

A common error that people make when trying to pick out a golf club is trying to mimic the club that their favorite pro golfers use. You would think that because the professionals use them that they are the best ones you can buy, but that is not true. Those clubs work well for those golfers because they match their playstyle, and figuring out your playstyle takes time. Once you know your swing speed, average ball flight, and flex shift preference you should be able to pick out a custom golf shaft, putting you one step closer to having the best club for you.

What Is the Best Custom Golf Shaft
When buying a custom staff there are a few things you should consider. One major factor is the shaft flex. The shaft you choose will perform differently depending on its stiffness. As you can imagine, the stiffer the shaft the less flex the club will have. There are normally three options to choose from: regular, stiff, and extra stiff. A regular shaft flex is common among newer golfers and golfers who hit the ball an average length. The higher your swing speed and the farther you’re able to hit the ball, the stiffer of a club you’ll need. You probably only need to consider an extra stiff staff flex if you have a swing speed over 105 mph.

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The next thing decision you’ll have to make when buying a custom shaft is what material you’ll want. You can choose a steel shaft or a graphite staff. You’ll want to choose one that best works for you and matches your playstyle. A graphite shaft is more flexible and allows for a smoother performance. A steel shaft feels more solid. It will give you more durability. Make sure you choose whichever style suits you best. The choice should be different for everyone.

Lastly, you will have to pick out a brand. Most golfers that have been playing for a while will already have a personal preference for a brand of club. If you are newer to the game you may not have much experience or knowledge of golf brands. Some common brands include Fujikura, Project X, and Aldila. There are many other wells known and trusted brands to choose from as well. Which brand is “best” is all a matter of preference and each golfer will give you a different response.

The best custom shaft is the one that uses these three features to compliment your attributes as a golfer. Once you figure out the shaft flex, shaft material, and brand that you would like for your golf shaft you should be ready to make the purchase! The best place for custom golf shafts is They have a large selection of new and used custom shafts that are tipped and gripped before shipping. They also offer a trade-in option so you can turn your old clubs into cash or store credit. Visit their site now for golf shafts, golf bags, accessories, and more.

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