How to Choose Dad Outfits

The word Dad holds so much responsibility, authority, happiness, growth and maturity. When a man turns into a Dad, suddenly his whole world shifts from himself to his baby.

He instantly becomes more protective, caring and wants to give the best of his ability to his children. But why does it mean that he has to let go of his dressing sense or labelled as trying too hard when he dresses up? 

That means almost half a lifetime, they spend in wearing faded t-shirts, baggy jeans and baseball hats. Though they can be quite fun to embarrass their child, celebrities like Jonny Depp inspire them to be stylish in the second innings of their life. 

Men, when they reach a certain age, develop a notion that dressing up is for much younger generation. We completely disagree! When styled with basic tips and fashion know how, dads can construct a fashion wardrobe full of stylish looks.  

Like a woman, who gets so many varieties in her life for becoming a mother, dads deserve their share of fashion too. So what’s new in fashion? Its Dad style! It’s a new fashion trend making circulations on the social media these days.

And the best part is – It’s the classic dad look! This look is assembled by owning white sneakers, tube socks, cargo shorts and polo shirts.  Below you can read about the most recent trend in Dad outfits.

Most recent trend for dad outfits:

There is another latest trend – twining with your toddler! It looks so amazing when a dad and his toddler are dressed up in same clothes. Mostly dads match up with their sons as matching with a girl toddler can include quite a lot of unicorns for the dad☺ 

Family matching outfits are for those days when you want the family to bond and stand out from the crowd. Ready to turn some heads? We think so! Mom, dad and the kids dressing up in matching outfits and going for a fun day ahead! Sounds like a perfect day to us! Family matching outfits where the whole family can dress in similar outfits or the dads match with their kids, it provides the whole family with a sense of being special and unique.

These outfits can make your family a star of the event. It also reflects the deep bond and a special relationship that the dads share with their family.

And it provides a unique opportunity to get some fun photos from that photoshoot thus adding on to memories for the kids and parents to relish in future. 

Dad’s carry their new born babies most of the time. At times like these, a baby carrier kangaroo t-shirts come in handy. The new born can be held close to the heart and body heat from the dad is said to bring a sense of comfort and security among the babies. The dad can go around finishing the errands and the baby can sleep peacefully in the kangaroo pocket.

Finally, we only need to take into account certain classic rules when wearing a suit such as:

  • Make sure that the suit suits us well and is our size (an option if you have a large budget would be to design it with one of our tailors to make you feel like a glove). In this sense, it is best to let yourself be advised by a professional like our stylists and together you will find the cut that best suits you.
  • The jacket should allow the shirt to show slightly, but not so that it is too short.
  • We will wear the tie a few centimetres above the belt and we can use it to add the color note to the set (always with discretion).
  • Pants must be single pleat and medium length.

So if you are going to buy dress for your dad, always keep in mind that it must suit his taste. Don’t try to force him to wear clothes of your choice. Always buy clothes then he likes to wear and in which he feels comfortable. 

So all the dads out there, get ready to gear up and make fashionable choices! 

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