How to choose a good website builder for better success?

How to choose a good website builder for better success?

Due to the surfacing of the latest website builders, developing a website has really become a fun experience in the past few years. Many business owners have entirely sidelined coding or cryptic terms like FTP or HTML with the help of the best website builders. However, the only challenge at present is to get the right solution among the ocean of possibilities that are available in the market. 

A Glance At Website Builders

There are plenty of website builders that are offering free services to developers or business owners using which they can easily create a high performing website for their business and start blogging. On the plus side, these solutions are also hosted in the Cloud which means that you do not have to worry about your webspace. In simple words, with website builders at your disposal, all you need is a performance-oriented web browser and a system to work. Isn’t this a great deal?

In this article, we will have a closer look at some of the best web builders along with their features and specifications. They also happen to be great Squarespace alternatives. You can choose any of them to start blogging and grab the user’s attention.

1. Webnode

Quite a while ago this website builder entirely revamped its editor and is one of the modern and rich options in the list. It provides stylish themes and responsive content to web developers. WebNode has an intuitive interface where you can also upgrade its subscription plan. 


  • A wide range of responsive templates
  • No page limit for blogs
  • Customized SEO settings

2. Wix

One of the biggest names in the web builders list is without any doubt, Wix. This solution has as many active users as any other web builder tool and there are a number of reasons behind the same. Wix is loaded with incredible features and unique templates which make it the best choice to develop highly comprehensive websites. To access its advanced features you can also get its premium plan. You read Wix’s full comparison here.


  • Its editor has spectacular themes and flexible web development modes
  • It supports full SEO customization for blogging
  • You can use your own domain name

3. Weebly

Weebly is another largest web builder that ranks in high spots in the best web builders’ list. Its free subscription version doesn’t shine quite as much as its premium plans. Still, it is worth considering because of its unique web building themes. It is a decent web builder that provides great usability and flexibility to the users. It comes with an application center where users can get access to its additional features without any inconvenience.

Special Features

  • Application center with third-party integration
  • Around 500 MB free webspace
  • Easy-to-edit SEO settings for blogs

4. Ucraft

Ucraft is an interesting web builder which is one of the few options that allow users to connect their existing domain name for free. This web builder also includes SSL without any overheads and allows users to create multilingual websites. It is a relatively advanced web builder using which you can easily fine-tune your web building styles like colors, themes, spacing, and many more.


  • It works well for long-term blogging chains
  • Has modern templates with a wide range of decent selection
  • Acceptable size of ads on free websites

5. WebStarts

WebStarts is an incredible web builder option for users who have marketing on their priority list. The platform has more than 4 million active users. Its free plan makes it a solid choice in the industry. It is inclusive of special features, especially for blogging. You will also get decent varieties of templates and features with this web builder.


  • Excellent storage space (around 1GB)
  • You can get many products for free
  • SEO settings for the blogs can be edited for all pages

The Bottom Line

All of the web builders that have been listed in this article have mobile-friendly templates and easy-to-edit interfaces. With their assistance, you can easily create an interesting website and host your articles or blogs. Most of them come with a blog template option which makes these website builders a great place to start. The runner up in this list is Wix which has a wide range of in-built features and is suitable for blogging as well.