How to change the name of a channel on YouTube from PC or mobile?

YouTube is a well-known platform worldwide for its videos when it comes to giving us entertainment. The people who make these videos usually seek to monetize them to obtain an economic benefit in which the name of the YouTube channel or user is the same as used for Google accounts.

Therefore, when wanting to manage the basic information of a channel. Such as changing our name on that platform. The option of making another channel is not profitable because we already have subscribers on our channel.

How can I change the name of my YouTube account or channel?

To begin you must download the YouTube application on your mobile or PC. In the case of mobile it does not influence if you download and install YouTube without Google Play. Then you will select your profile photo, there will appear a menu with options, locate the option you channel and select it. Locate configuration in the right corner of the channel you are going to press edit. User are going to write the name that you are going to place and then click on accept.

You have to take into consideration that you can only change your name 3 times every 90 days. You can also manage and configure the advanced options or settings of your channel if you want to customize it even more. By changing the name of your Google account, any other account associated with Google services will be renamed.

It is possible that the name change last few days to get updated on YouTube . If you want to change the name of the account and have the account already verified. You should consider that its verification will be deleted along with its old name.

Steps to change the name of my channel on YouTube without changing the name of Gmail

We connect our channel to a brand account, by creating a brand account. You can support your brand or business on YouTube without having to show a connection with your personal Google account. Which will make your name and photo detach from your account. Since by linking a YouTube channel to a brand account. The Google account becomes the administrator of our brand account linked to the YouTube channel.

The association of your Google account with the brand account is not visible to the public. They will not be able to see your name or your personal email and from a single Google account you could manage several brand channels. You also have the option of having others administrators to your brand account, who will be able to make changes without the need for a password.

To create it we are going to go to our channel list, then we select create a new channel, fill in the details and verify the account, then we just select create and that’s it. This you can do with a new channel or one that already has with subscribers . The process not complicated this way you can change the name of your YouTube channel.

The process begins by going to the YouTube start, we log into our account. Later we press the profile photo of our account and click on settings. There a menu will display in which we must press the option to add or manage channels.

The channels associated with the Gmail account will display on our screen . The next step is to click on the option to create a new channel. It should noted that it is necessary to create a brand account. You write the name you want for your channel and press the create option.

It recommended that in order not to lose the information of your previous channel. You transfer the data from one account to another . How to do it? We located again in the configuration section> see advanced configuration. We select the option to move the channel and enter our account data. Then you verify the data with your mobile and voila, in this way the name of your channel will changed.

How to change the name of a channel on YouTube through its application?

In order to use a name and photo on YouTube that is different from our Google account. We have two options first, we change it to YouTube Studio. This is the means by which content creators are guided to improve their videos.

To enter the platform, we will begin by entering your channel or account. We will select the profile photo, a menu will display where we will enter YouTube Studio. When doing so you need to authenticate once more. This platform, beyond just changing the name to your channel could give you very good benefits for it.

You can broadcast live, upload a video, make an overview. That will provide you with the most important data about the latest on your channel and what’s new on YouTube. You can get a summary of your videos, manage your playlists or create new ones, monitor the performance of your videos and your channel.

In addition to obtaining better communication with users through comments. Adding subtitles to your videos, updating promotional items. If you have the necessary capacity, changing the design or basic information of your channel, obtaining sound effects at no cost for your videos and many other additional functions.

This is how you should manage the basic information of your YouTube channel

The best way to manage the basic data of our YouTube channel is with Creator Studio . Entering this will give us access to the control panel. From there we can see what happens on the channel such as the latest videos uploaded. The latest statistics, the latest subscribers and comments.

The first option is called a video manager. Here we are provided with the information of all the videos that you have uploaded on your channel. From this panel you can decide if your videos are public or private and in turn you can make changes to several videos at the same time.

Then we will find the playlists. There, all the views of your videos will be shown, from those with the highest number to those with the lowest views. Also from this panel you can see your community and see the comments which is a very fundamental part of the channel.

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