How to calculate the cost of scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary platform, which is used outside a construction site or building that is being renovated. The workforce uses it to move tools and equipment to height or areas that are not easy to reach, with ease and in a hassle-free manner. Therefore, it is necessary for scaffolding to be safe and follow safety protocols to avoid any kind of misfortune. There are different types of scaffolds used and the cost of scaffolding varies according to the type.

Main Types of Scaffolds:

There are mainly two types that are commonly used. These are supported and suspended scaffolds. Supported scaffolds are one or more platforms that are supported by poles, frames, load-bearing legs, and overhead support. Whereas, suspended scaffolds are one or more platforms that are suspended by overhead support and ropes. The cost of scaffolding for both these types are different.

Common hazards and how to avoid these hazards:

There is a checklist that needs to be checked before using or providing a scaffold. If there is anything missing or something not working fine, scaffold should not be used at all. Using such scaffold can cause a hazard and might be the reason of death. Thus, these are some of the necessary steps needed to be taken.

  • The scaffold should be safe and not prone to fall from height. The most commonly occurring mishap is scaffolded falling from the elevation. It happens because of a lack of fall protection.
  • Scaffolds are sometimes struck by debris or tools and may cause serious injuries and even death. Therefore, workers should take care of it and make sure they place the platform at a point where there are fewer chances of debris or material falling on the ground.
  • One thing that is disregarded by the workers is that they overload the platform with extra material, which causes instability and results in a hazard.

How to calculate the cost of scaffolding?

Scaffolding is calculates in terms of volume. For each type of job, a separate scaffold is required. It makes the task easy and consume less time and money because if more scaffolds are hired, there might be good concession.

Here is how the cost of scaffolding is calculated. Scaffolding cost is based on the volume that is calculated in meter cube by multiplying the height, width, and length of a building. For instance, if there is a need for 3 scaffoldings for 3 separate tasks, the cost of scaffolding can be calculated by multiplying the height, width, and length of all three buildings separately and then adding them all together. This would give the total volume in the meter cube. Scaffolding companies will then offer their rates per meter cube, which might be negotiable. However, it is always recommended to consult different scaffolding companies before hiring one. This would give the idea of rates going on in the market and may help to lead you to save up money by ending up with a company that offers inexpensive rates yet deliver quality work and material.

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