How to buy a white gold chain

White gold is a popular material for necklaces and other jewelry. Let’s look at the most important factors that you should pay attention to when buying a white gold chain.

How white gold chains are made

White gold chains are truly made of regular yellow gold mixed with other metals which make the resulting white alloy.

Even after mixing, white gold is not completely white, but has a yellowish tinge.

This is because white buy and sell gold jewelry is usually coated with rhodium, which has a perfectly white color.

However, the downside of rhodium plating is that it wears out with time, and at some point, you will need to have your white gold chain re-plated.

Buying a white gold chain: choosing the karat

The meaning of karat in white gold chains is the same as this in yellow gold jewelry: The higher the karat number, the more gold the chain contains relative to other metals.

For example, a 14-karat white gold chain contains approximately 58% pure gold (14 divided into 24 maximum possible karats), as does a 14-karat yellow gold necklace.

In general, the higher the carat of your chain, the softer it will be as pure gold is a very malleable metal.

Rhodium plating of white gold makes up for that softness in one dimension by making the surface of the chain a little harder than that of a similar yellow gold piece.

However, a higher karat white gold chain is still going to be relatively softer than a lower karat made of the same material.

Does the chain contain nickel?

Some people are allergic to nickel, which is sometimes used in white gold jewelry.

It is true that the rhodium plating of your chain will protect your skin if the underlying material contains nickel, but when the plating wears off and the exposed white gold alloy touches your skin, you could get a rash.

So, if you are allergic to nickel, it is recommended that you look for a white gold chain that is certified as nickel free.

Should your white gold chain be solid or hollow?

The hollow white gold chains are remarkably light and they are also cheap. However, keep in mind that such necklaces are also easier to damage as they are less robust than solid pieces.

It is not difficult to dent or even break a hollow chain, so if you buy one, you must be very careful while wearing it. If durability is one of your concerns, pay it a little more and get a solid white gold chain.

Choosing a link type for your chain

When choosing a link type for your white gold chain, remember that some designs are more prone to linking and spreading your clothes or hair.

For example, the herringbone pattern chain, snake chain, and omega chain will more likely get twisted, and the resulting loops are often very difficult to repair without removing links from the necklace.

Good choices for chain links include brake chain, grain chain, sailor chain, rope chain, anchor chain, Figaro chain, and box chain. These types of links are flexible and not easy to break.

Don’t forget the buckle

Choosing a buckle for your white gold chain is crucial as a bad buckle can easily open or break, causing you to lose your jewelry.

One of the best choices is the so-called lobster buckle, which doesn’t open easily by itself and has a sturdy body.

Spring loaded buckles, which are usually round, are popular and cheaper, but also more likely to break or open by accident.

How big should your white gold chain be?

The thickness of your white gold chain is something that comes down to personal choice, but there are a couple of factors to consider.

First, if you are going to put a pendant on your chain, make sure it is chunky enough to carry the extra weight; otherwise, if it is too thin, the chain could have the loop permanently and even broken.

Also, consider that thinner chains are easier to twist and get tangled.

Where to buy white gold?

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