How to Build SEO Friendly WordPress Website?

Have you ever found this idea? What does it mean? Does it mean that you launch a WordPress website and instantly ranked top at SERP and all web traffic rushed in?

Not! Let’s blast the bubble today. WordPress itself cannot help you get a high ranking on Google. It’s just another CMS platform.
So, does that mean that the idea that is known is bullshit? Tone! The reality is, WordPress makes it very simple to run SEO best practices. Even if you are a beginner at SEO, you can easily optimize your WordPress site. Next, WordPress is a simple tool. So, if you are a beginner for web development, try this. Also picked up the best theme that works well for your website. Go online, choose a theme that suits you, and apply coupons if applicable like GeneratePress Coupons on Responsive Themes. You can launch a WordPress website without sweating if you follow the right steps.

Today, we will discuss the development of WordPress websites in detail. We will mention how to create a WordPress website and optimize it for search engines.

Guide step by step to the development of SEO friendly WordPress websites
Determine the name
Choosing a good domain name is the first step to start with your website. WordPress allows you to get a free URL with This is ideal for bloggers because they can easily set the domain without sweating.

However, for business or ecommerce sites, it is important to have its own domain name. Here are some things to remember:

You can use keywords in your domain name. According to a study by watching search engines, around 63% of sites that have keywords in the domain name have received the top rank. However, don’t jam too many keywords and make a name look spam. Also, if you prefer to build a brand, you can skip keywords that support only brand names.
It’s better to stick to .com Instead of using a random domain extension like .clothes or .coke! You can also use .NET or .in or .org.
Don’t break up. We understand your concerns – why not use hyphens among a few words to increase readability! But it’s not general practice (or recommended) in website development. In fact, the URL is written with a sign that is not necessary spam and long.
Select the host.
All files on your website will be stored in web hosts. Every time someone visits your website, the host will serve the site to the visitors. Three of the famous WordPress hosts include Bluehost, Siteground and Hostgator. When choosing a website host, make sure it can provide adequate WordPress support and keep your website available at any time.

Https security.
With Cybercrime quickly increases, green padlocks in the URL ensure web traffic to explore the site safely and arousing a positive impression of a brand. Be sure to buy an SSL certificate. Remember, the security of the website is one of the main factors for SEO rankings.

Choose a theme
Here is the interesting part – choose a theme for your WordPress website. Through the days when the WordPress theme only means classical nuances, monochrome with a nominal feature. WordPress has come a long way and thousands of amazing themes, free and paid available for WordPress sites.

You can also install basic WordPress and customize themes according to the nature of your business.

Wait, this blog about developing an SEO-friendly WordPress website, not just about launching sites. So we will look more closely to install SEO-friendly themes. To ensure SEO Theme Hospitality, pay attention to the following factors.

Lightweight – Don’t use a theme that is flooded with a third party plugin that you don’t need. It will only slow down your website and irritate your users.
Responsive – The design of cellular friendly websites is the main factor in SEO. So pay attention to the theme of a cellular friendly website. Just to be sure, you can run a demo through Google’s cellular test tool to check whether the theme is really responsive or not.
The default permalink structure in WordPress does not contain many SEO values. The good news is, you can easily change the permalink structure to the friendly SEO. Not sure how to do that? Open the permalinks option under the settings in the dashboard. Here, you can find many options to choose from. After you have a domain that is rich in keywords and can be indexed, you have been half a way by creating a powerful SEO website.

Activate breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs allow search engines and visitors to web trails to crawl / navigate your site. This allows search engines to understand site hierarchy, this appears in Google’s search results, this helps create a decent internal link structure, and finally, this is useful for users.

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