How silent installation of PC drivers is helpful?

The installation process can be very lengthy. So, to make it a bit easy and quick the silent installation process is used. The silent installation process is used to install the software or applications without user interactions. Silent installation process is usually used to hide the installation process from the users. Every installer has a set of numerous parameters that instruct how to run. For the silent install, the user only needs to select the program, afterward, the silent installer will automatically start the installation process without the need for your further lookout.

And the selected elements start for automatic updates or installs. Moreover, those simple programs which have limited installation options so for those programs silent installation process are very helpful. Because they run the silent installation process over the numerous machine simultaneously. In the silent installation process, no manual lookout is required, legitimate programs will automatically run without the need of any user interaction.

Silent Installations are useful for many reasons, for instance, spyware and adware, that run without your knowledge. They may be executed automatically and enters with any malicious site. Drivers are the sole element that is responsive to the performance of your system. Your system’s almost half of the performance is affected by outdated drivers. Outdated or corrupt drivers hinders your undertakings. Hence, always rely on new and genuine drivers. To maintain the consistency of the system keep your system and hardware devices drivers up-to-date. Now, many users wondering that silent installation is suitable for drivers installation or not. To update drivers you can use the free driver update software.

For the driver’s installation, the silent installation process is highly compatible. To avoid unnecessary updates notifications that constantly prompt on the screen and interrupts our undertakings silent installation process is a good choice and helpful as well. Basically, the silent installation procedure is used for graphic drivers. Without user interaction, this process updates all the graphic drivers from a script or batch file. ZIP format drivers, ZIP files are top-most choice to perform the silent installation process. Afterward by using these ZIP format drivers or ZIP files, then, it runs the setup with the command -s: setup -s. Then it starts extracting the driver which is used in EXE format:

WINABC -s -A -s

In this WINABC is the name of the file of the extracting driver. If you want that system will automatically reboot once the silent installation driver is completed, then use,

WINABC -s -A -s -b

Tips that must be kept in mind while running silent installation mode-

These are some tips that should be followed while running the silent installation mode. So, keep reading on to know more!

  • If there is no enough storage in the disk the silent installation mode never ever alert or notify you related to this. Hence, keep take care of this that you have proper disk storage because silent storage mode needs proper storage in the disk and in storage directories as well. Because silent mode installation requires this storage in the form of standard installation.
  • Silent mode installation does not support any re-installation process. So, if you want to re-install any program then you have to delete the previous one first afterward install it again. For re-installing the same variant of the product you have to first eradicate the previous ones and then you will be able to install the same version of the product again.
  • XML definition is used at the starting of the file as a silent.XML. Hence, keep in the mind to don’t enter a line breaks or space before the XML definition as if you enter this then it would be a wrong format that hinders your installation process. So, avoid using line break and space before the XML definition.
  • Wrong insertions in the silent.XML file may cause installations failures.  So, before starting the installation process first create the log file that will help you to avoid the chances of the installation failures.

Above-listed are some tips that should be kept in consideration before or during the silent installation process. These tips will really helpful and make the silent installation process a big success. Use these tips and run the programs without any manual look out. The installation process may be very lengthy. So, it can be not possible to check out everything manually. Hence, to install the programs without any user interaction here comes the silent installation process. The silent installation process is the way to install the programs automatically without any need of user’s lookout.

Drivers need automatic and frequent updation or installation. So, for updating drivers instantly as soon as the manufacturers release them use the silent mode installation process. For automatic updates of drivers, you can use the top-rated driver updater program i.e., ITL Driver Updater, and Bit Driver Updater. The quick installation makes the work much easier and accurate. Therefore, save most of the time by updating or installing programs automatically without the user’s personal interactions.

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