How Search Engines Perceive JavaScript

We all know that the web is increasingly becoming complex and advanced. JavaScript is no exception. It has a vital role to play in the development of intuitive websites. There was a time when JavaScript was hidden within HTML. In present times, it can be found in the center of everything. 

When developing a website, problems with SEO and JavaScript is the main focus of website developers. Every developer wants the search engine crawlers and Googlebot to understand the pages that are filled with JavaScript. All the site owners want their pages to rank on the top page. And for this, they hire the best SEO Specialist in New York. However, only SEO knowledge alone wouldn’t reap fruitful results for you. You must know how to use JavaScript properly. 

In this post, we will talk about how search engines understand JavaScript. 

JavaScript SEO and Rendering 

Before moving onto JavaScript SEO, you must understand how JavaScript sites interact and behave. First of all, there is a difference between JavaScript sites and sites that have JavaScript on them. 

In sites containing JavaScript, special effects are created using JavaScript and the main content as appears on HTML. It means that JavaScript will not have any impact on SEO and the ability of Google bots to read. 

On the other hand, a JavaScript site uses JavaScript to show information. It means the information you want to include will be displayed with the help of JavaScript. This makes rendering a crucial part of the indexing process. 

What is Rendering?

In simple words, rendering is a process that will display the template, content, and several other features to the users.

When it comes to JavaScript, Google can understand it. But the problem arises when crawlers have to rank a plethora of websites. It requires more time to understand JavaScript than HTML. 

The Google bots will index the websites in two parts. In the first phase, the crawlers will focus on the HTML content and start indexing. After that, they will render the JavaScript. Though the essential information will be displayed using HTML, the crawlers will not have come back for rendering the JavaScript. 

Since there will be a gap between the two phases, JavaScript rendering will take a lot of time. Besides this, that content will not be included in the initial ranking. And it will take time for Google to make the changes. 

That is why website developers use JavaScript SEO. For this process, the developers will include all the important information in the HTML. 

Thus, this makes JavaScript SEO comparatively easier. 

JavaScript SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

Without a doubt, JavaScript is useful for making your website more intriguing. However, some common mistakes can do more harm than good. Here are some commonly made mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Not Using Links The Right Way 

For those who don’t know, links are imperative for websites. That is because they will help users and crawlers to understand the connection of pages. With the help of JavaScript, users will stay interested and engaged in your content. To make sure the JavaScript works, ensure the links are set up properly. 

You must use the correct link for HTML anchor tags and anchor text. Also, make sure the URL in the href attribute is correct. According to Google, you must stay away from HTML aspects like <span>. That is because these strategies will make it challenging for users to follow the links. Not only this, but Google recommends avoid using hash-based routing methods. 

Ignoring The HTML

Many web developers include all the crucial information in JavaScript, which is a huge mistake. As mentioned above, the crawlers will look at HTML in the first pass and include little information for initial ranking. 

If you have trouble locating where the crucial content is, you can right-click anywhere on the page and click on inspect. You will see the content the crawlers see right away. 

We recommend including essential information in HTML. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope you have a better understanding of how search engines understand JavaScript. The Google bots will focus on HTML and after a few days look at JavaScript. So, you must always include important information in HTML. If you need help, you can ask an experienced and skilled web developer. They are always willing and ready to help you. 

The crux here is to know if the company you have hired for local seo services takes the factors discussed above, related to javascript, or not. If they do not, it’s time you switch to another option. Look for a company that has a better understanding of javascript for SEO purposes.

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