How recycling helps the planet

The phone buyback regulates the options of purchasing a present handset at a fixed amount in exchange for new smartphones.  Even if the actual cost of your handset reduces you can still benefit from the discounted price. Cell phone buyback creates great opportunities for phone enthusiasts to buy new smartphones every year. Almost every mobile phone is recyclable. But stats and data say that we are only recycling 29% of them. The U.S creates a whopping amount of 11.7 million tons of e-waste every year. Sadly only 3.4 million of them are being resold or repurposed. It has been observed that recycling just a single cell phone saves the energy to energize a laptop for 44 hours.

Recycling your old smartphone is so much more than just recycling. In the year 2015 Apple estimated that they recovered gold worth $40 million by recycling their old devices. Therefore, if you just toss your old iPhone you are doing nothing but throwing gold away.

We all are pretty much aware of the fact that phones are made with a lot of toxic materials. These toxic materials are quite harsh for the environment. These precious metals might be valuable but in reality, they are terrible for the planet. Electronic materials, almost 100% of them are recyclable. Still, humans only recycle 29% of it. 11.7 million tons of electronic waste every year is generated by the United States of America alone. In contrast to that only 3.4 million is resold or repurposed.

Make sure that your cell phone buyback vendor is authentic. Only a verified and authentic cell phone buyback vendor can ensure the safety of the process.

Reasons to participate in a buyback program

Here are a few reasons that will lure you to participate in a buyback program:

  1. Money- Probably the biggest factor that will convince people to sell their used mobile phone models is money. You might have paid a considerably hefty amount for a Smartphone a few years ago so it is wise for you to cash in on whatever value you receive when the device starts depreciating. There are a lot of people for whom finding out their old phones could be worth a fair amount will certainly motivate them to sell their used devices from some handy cash.
  1. Environmental issues- the generation of electronic waste is increasing each year and this has led to a global concern. Besides these, the fact that phones can leak an ample amount of toxic materials is scary. Despite this, the good news is that ninety percent of the materials inside your cell phone are reusable and can be recovered.
  1. Speed up the process of developing the world- The condition of your cell phone will determine where exactly it will be during the subsequent stages of its life. The phones that are damaged can be put back into the market by reconditioning them. By this simple act of recycling your old phones, you are actually doing a greater good to the environment.

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