How Power Reaper is Beneficial For Indian Farmers

How Power Reaper is Beneficial For Indian Farmers

What is Power Reaper 

Power reaper is a farm machine that is engine operated. It is perfect for harvesting crops such as paddy, oilseed, and wheat. The process of the machine starts with row dividers that divide the crops then crops are cut by the cutter bar. It is a technically advanced machine that provides smooth operation. 

It easily cuts and harvests the different crops. The machines are driven with heavy and wide tyres which create balance for terrains and uneven surfaces. 

Benefits of Power Reaper

  • Handling of the machine is easy and effortless. 
  • It saves time and money.
  • The machine is suitable for Bengal Gram, Black Gram, Green Gram, Wheat, Soybean Mustard and Paddy.
  • It replaces the maximum labour-power and saves labour cost. 

Popular Power Reaper in India 

Shrachi SPR 1200 Paddy Power Reaper 

It has 2.7 HP @ 1800 rpm engine power that is perfect harvesting operation. The machines come with 1 Forward + 1 Reverse Gear which controls the speed. Power Reaper price is affordable and low for Indian farmers. 

Vst Shakti Honda GX200 Power Reaper

The power reaper is one of the most durable machines of the Vst Shakti brand. The machine has all the advanced features that make it the most popular power reaper among the farmers. It has 5 hp engine power and 3.1 litres fuel tank capacity. Honda GX200 Power Reaper price is more economical for all marginal farmers.