How On-demand Grocery App Development Boosts Your Business During COVID-19

The epidemic of COVID 19 has changed the business scenario in all over the world. There is vast change among many industries. 

Some are finding it a difficult time while industries like E-commerce are finding it a good revenue opportunity. Thanks to an on-demand grocery delivery solution that makes the operation easy. 

This article will introduce some factors which make the grocery delivery app popular. 

Rapid service:

Due to providing instant service to the end-user, the on-demand grocery app has gained its popularity during the lockdown. The meeting of on-time user demand, no doubt these solutions has earned the trust and user acquisition.

They offer all the essential products of their need without going out or the supermarket in a tough time.

The rapid service could be avail in the online purchasing only. At this, there is no issue of standing in the long queue.   

Social distancing and lockdown:

Social distancing is very important for keeping the COVID 19 in control. But, it is also a challenging criterion. 

The online solution allows people to buy their product without going out. This does not include the social distancing criteria and hence it is safe. The on-demand delivery solution offers end to end purchasing of the product of daily needs. 

In online purchasing, you don’t have to care about social distancing concepts. The product will be at your doorstep. 

Contactless payment 

The corona time compels many people to follow the cashless payment. As the superstore always follows the cash payment, the on-demand delivery payment allows for the contactless payment. 

Hence, it is secure with a fast approach. Many apps include in-app payment options like PayPal and stripe integration. 

This eliminates the exchange of money and cut down the ATM rush as well. They know well what could be the best option in lockdown. 

Drone delivery:

To stop the spreading of the coronavirus, companies across the world are adopting many changes. They want to ensure the physical contact of people. 

The delivery through drone is another option. This not only eliminates physical contact but also provide the delivery fast. With the same-day delivery, criteria could also be gained. 

Drone delivery is a common concept which many companies are following. 

What are the top features of on-demand grocery mobile app?

While planning for the on-demand grocery app development, there are many features which are important to consider.

These features keep the app to the level and gain the customer’s acquisition. The main features of on-demand grocery app are as follow. 

Smart search option:

There are thousands of categories in the on-demand grocery platform. So smart searching is really important for user convenience. There are a dairy product, frozen food item and cooking oil as well. 

There could be an integration of smart search options like voice optimized search or the recommended list. This makes it easy for the user to find the desired item. 

Real-time tracking:

With the help of real-time tracking, the rider could be tracked from the initial stage to the last door arrival. 

The user could easily monitor their order if the grocery app has a smart tracking system. There will be complete transparency from the time of delivery to the receiving of the item. 

Multiple Payment options:

A good on-demand grocery app should have multiple options for payment. It includes cash on delivery, third party payment, internet transaction etc. 

A secure payment gateway is the most important thing in the grocery app. PayPal, GPay and payment through debit and credit cards are some of the smart features. The app developer must include any one of these features to enjoy the direct impact on the customer retention rate. 

Push notification:

With the help of push notification, the user gets the business alerts. These are on-going deals and sales. With this, the user can easily get the information about the price drop, recommendation, item left in the cart and much more. 

Rating and reviews:

Allow your customer to rate and give their feedback. With this, you will know the shortcomings of your service. If you know those shortcomings it will be easy for you to work on those. 

This will improve your service to a great level. 

Additional features:

The additional features like coupon and scanning of the QR code and the calendar integration. 

These features will add the cherry on the cake to your application. 


Due to COVID 19, things have been changed a lot. Every industry wants to be ahead but it is only possible when there will be a smart approach. While going for the app development or making changes in the existing app, you must hire the best hire software development team.

Keep in mind that following the right approach is the best way to keep your business to the mark. This is a little bit tough time so you need to be careful at every moment. 

Stay safe and have a happy business.

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Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading on demand food delivery solution. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.